More Election Humor from Bull Valley

Veterans and union members put up this display in support of Congressman Randy Hultgren’s, State Senator Craig Wilcox’ and McHenry County Board members John Jung’s and Michael Rein’s elections this fall.

There is also support for the referendum to put the McHenry Township Road District under the McHenry Township Board after the 2021 elections.

It is located at the corner of Queen Ann and Bull Valley Road.

Look closely and you can see the face of Mike Madigan a critique of JB Pritzker’s removal of his toilets to avoid property taxes.


More Election Humor from Bull Valley — 3 Comments

  1. I voted early for Wilcox and to abolish the McHenry Township Road District, too.

    It’s about saving money from the tax pigs. Consolidation is necessary to reduce the size and cost of government.

    Jim Condon is lying to save his job when he tells people the roads will be destroyed via consolidation.

    The roads belong to the taxpayers NOT Jim Condon.

    Anderson is an old Marine who’s been fighting for taxpayers for years. I support him.

    The township road district loafers can be seen regularly taking siestas at the abandoned Modine plant drive way off Ringwood Road, or at the Rusty Nail when Jim Condon takes his 3-4 hour lunch.

  2. Had to laugh at that one!

    I voted for Wilcox, too and the Road Consolidation issue. Great minds think alike.

  3. King Madigan won’t like the signage.

    Will he order the resident to Stateville?

    Wilcox: Yes

    Consolidation: Yes

    Rauner: No!

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