Inoculation by Litigation

Unopposed McHenry County Board candidate Chuck Wheeler and County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio at Republican Headquarters at the tip of the Crystal Lake Plaza’s “V.”

Prior to the Primary Election allies of Jack Franks sent scurrilous postcards against Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Clerk.

The beneficiary in the GOP Primary Election was the former Clerk of the City of McHenry, who filed for bankruptcy the day she filed her petitions in the County Clerk’s office.

Tirio wasn’t alone in the tactic by the “Illinois Integrity Project.”

Joe Tirio’s enemy photo shopped him as a robber with rubber gloves.

Two County Board members who have not fallen into the Board Chairman Frank’s wake–Chuck Wheeler and Michael Rein–also were targets of hit pieces, as were challengers Ersel Schuster and Orville Brettman.

When the return address turned out to be a Hoffman Estates building that appeared bogus, the only connection to the mailing was a printer used by Democrats like Jack Franks–Breaker Press.

Tirio sued to pierce the printer’s screen.

He hasn’t gotten the name of the person who made the mailings, but he is close.

The suit seems to have sent Tirio’s secret hater into his bunker.

No hit pieces were mailed against Tirio during this fall’s campaign.

I’m guessing the suit sacred the guy who didn’t follow election law by

  • reporting his expenditure to the Illinois State Board of Elections and
  • identifying himself


Inoculation by Litigation — 2 Comments

  1. Well the majority of people in Mchenry county think Jacko (the Madigan mafia gang member) is such a ‘good guy’, they don’t hear about these digusting political tricks that Frank’s sometimes gets away with.

    Joe & Karen Tirio are just two of the best people we are blessed to have in office in Mchenry county (yes I know them personally).

    It never ceases to surprise me how Jacko projects his attributes onto other GREAT people involved in politics.

    That is YOU Jacko & NOT Joe Tirio !

    Jacko did the same type of thing to Steve Reich X2.

    BTW Joe T, glad you stood up to the monster, backed him into his closet & slammed the door SHUT !

  2. And what Franks did to Tonya Franklin was terrible.

    He should be ashamed but he’s a democrat, they have no shame.

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