Johnsburg Community Club Polling Place Using Paper Ballots

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s new voting machines are malfunctioning in Johnsburg, as well as Crystal Lake.

Reports from the Johnsburg Community Club say that people are voting on paper ballots, instead of by machine.

At least if there is a need for a recount, there will be a paper trail, which the new voting machines were supposed to provide as well.


Johnsburg Community Club Polling Place Using Paper Ballots — 2 Comments

  1. Did Bob Anderson conceed or will he contine to be a clog in the system?

    It was obvious that the Township voters think our roads are good and without a plan, you cannot sway educated voters.

    Come back with facts.

    With a governor that will vote with Mike Madigan we need less division in the republican party!

  2. Craig Wallace IS a Democrat!

    He ran as an Independent last time.

    Wallace has many ‘problems’ w/ the Truth.

    He takes orders from King Hetterman.

    He needs to learn basic manners.

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