Mary Mahady Caught on Camera Campaigning Too Close to Polling Place

Mary Mahady seems to be electioneering too close to a polling place on election day.

In this photo sent to McHenry County Blog, it appears that a man is chastising McHenry Township Assessor and State Senate candidate Mary Mahady for campaigning too close to a polling place.

The polling place is Heritage Woods in McHenry. The source of the photo is her Facebook.


Mary Mahady Caught on Camera Campaigning Too Close to Polling Place — 16 Comments

  1. According to the State Board:

    a. Electioneering – active campaigning and solicitation of votes by a candidate, candidates or
    party workers in the polling place or within the 100 foot campaign free zone of the polling
    place. (10 ILCS 5/17-29)

    I don’t think that the law is “100 feed from the flimsy sign placed haphazardly in front of the polling place.”

    You know this – stop lying.

  2. She’s a DemonRat, of course she’s going to be obnoxious and break rules.

    Anything to win with these jerks.

    She’s a liar too so I’d expect nothing more from her.

    Great news for Craig Wilcox.

    This shows typical Dem Desperation.

  3. I guess we should be thankful she’s not campaigning at McHenry Township building while on the clock.

  4. Any candidate electioneering on Election Day demonstrates massive failure.

    The time to have done that was before early voting started.

  5. He must be a Veteran! Thank you, Sir.

    Mahady wants to take away Veterans real estate tax benefit from men and women who served in the military. She’s also one of the worst assessors in the county.

    She wants to collect 2 public salaries which would make her a double-dipper, just like Carlos Acosta running for County board, while working for AFSME.

    No way, Jose!

  6. This should disqualify her and the rest of the Democratic candidates nationally. Republikkklans win!… Keep on distracting, the rude awakening comes in a few hours…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  7. Oregon has the best solution to these voting dilemmas.

    Elections in Oregon are all held using a Vote by Mail (VBM) system. This means that all registered voters receive their ballots via postal delivery and can vote from their homes. A state Voters’ Pamphlet is mailed to every household in Oregon about three weeks before each statewide election. It includes information about each measure and candidate in the upcoming election.

  8. No the rule is no electioneering 100 feet from the door of the polling place.

  9. Balloting

    Ballots packs are mailed to every registered voter 14 to 18 days before the election. When the ballot pack comes in the mail, it includes:

    An official ballot
    A secrecy envelope

    A ballot return envelope
    After filling out the ballot the voter then places the ballot in the secrecy envelope, then inside the return envelope and must then sign it in a space provided on the outside return envelope. This is then either mailed back through the US mail with first class postage, or dropped off at any County Elections Office or a designated dropsite. Ballots must be received in a County Elections Office or a designated dropsite by 8pm on Election Day (postmarks do not count). If the ballot arrives at the County Elections Office after 8pm on Election Day, it is not counted.

    Once received, an Elections Official at the elections office where the ballot is received will compare the signature on the ballot return envelope to the signature on the voter registration card to verify that the voter is registered to vote. Once verified, the secrecy envelope containing the actual ballot is removed and polled with the other ballots. Once the “polls” close at 8pm on Election Day, the ballots are removed from their secrecy envelopes and counted.

  10. She learned from Jack Franks and Michael Madigan.

    The Chicago way has come out to McHenry County.

    Agreed, if you have to do this on Election Day, you’ve slacked off til now and are nervous and desperate.

  11. As the sign is facing where she is standing, it is possible that the 100 foot mark is the edge of the sidewalk so she would be OK. You can’t really tell from this picture.

    Early returns in FL are showing the Dem candidates there slightly outperforming Clinton’s 2016 numbers. Trump won FL in 2016.

  12. Failure as a candidate!

    End of story.

    Congratulations McHenry County and Col. Craig Wilcox!

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