Nervous Underwood Stupporter Strikes for the Fourth Time

My neighbor across the street is also across the Grafton-Algonquin Township line.

That means he is in Randy Hultgren’s district and I am in  Peter Roskam’s.

Saturday the two of use put up a four-by-four foot Hultgren sign.

Sunday night it was stolen.

I wrote an article on Sunday afternoon asking whether it was time to publish the 2016 Lakewood Police report that tracked down the guy who stole six of my Trump signs.

The next morning, what appeared next to the Gate 11 sign in my front yard but the stolen Hultgren, Wilcox, Schofield and Howell signs.

Twice more the Hultgren sign was put up and the same night relocated to the same corner.

Monday afternoon, my neighbor and I put the Hultgren sign back up.

When I looked out my window at 7 AM where was the sign, but next to our mailbox.

Election Day signs on Lake Avenue at my neighbor’s home at the beginning of Randy Hultgren’s congresisonal district.

So, I’ve put it up again, along with every sign I had left in my trunk.


Nervous Underwood Stupporter Strikes for the Fourth Time — 7 Comments

  1. So, publish the 2016 Lakewood Police report.

    What are you waiting for?

    Let’s see the evidence.

    Otherwise it’s just hearsay.

  2. Well, you know, if that was the objection, then the Lauren Underwood and Suzanne Ness signs at the next house would have also been removed.

  3. BINGO, CAL!

    Dems can’t handle the truth.

    Hell, they can’t even Tell the Truth!!!

  4. If this is indeed true, she is a horrible woman, and will be judged by the creator.

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