Opponents of Consolidating McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township Win Big — 8 Comments

  1. Over two thirds of the people didn’t like not having a good plan in place before the vote.

    Same as the 2015 consolidation nonsense, no viable plan to justify a vote.

  2. Bob has been saying it’s just consolidation when everyone knows he wants to abolish.

    The day after the election his Abolish township sign is back in front of his barbershop!

  3. Ah, Machone, you really shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about Anderson.

    If you’re real good, monitor your hypertension and practice some biofeedback, someday you might mature, get to be big boy and call yourself Mach Two.

  4. Oh are you butthurt the voters want proof?

    Seems prettty clear to me the voters want the township!

    Abolish Bob Abolish Gasbag!

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