Sean Casten Supporter Gives Me the Finger

Driving home I turned left from McHenry Avenue onto Lake Avenue.

Waiting to get out on McHenry Avenue was a car with signs on the front doors saying, “Casten>

Since that was the first use of this campaign technique I have seen this fall, I took a photo as I waited for traffic to clear.

The car with Casten signs on its doors driven by a woman with a man in the passenger seat one of who gave me the finger. The Illinois license plate number is AY 82852.

As I turned left, someone in the front seat gave me the finger.

Who was the polite Casten worker?

Maybe the demonstrative one did not like the Trump bumper sticker in front of my rear view mirror.

Maybe someone can recognize the two from the photo below:

Passengers in the Sean Casten car.


Sean Casten Supporter Gives Me the Finger — 18 Comments

  1. Cal, you’ve misunderstood.

    She was just telling you that you are No. 1 !

  2. Boy Cal, I have not heard of anyone doing that since, Zinke ran for Sheriff. LOL

  3. I thought people belonging to the Democrat party were polite?

    We now know they are all jerk-offs.

  4. Democrats and their supporters are likely angry and rude. They stupidly obey the commands of their leaders such as Maxine Waters who told them to get in the faces of Republican politicians and the incompetent former AG Holder who told Democrats to kick Republicans when they are down. Democrats and their supporters are sore losers and crybabies who are still mad about the loss suffered by their thug presidential candidate back in 2016.

  5. Real class.

    This is reflective of the quality of some candidates and how low some people have stooped in this election.

    Hopefully, they will be identified

  6. cal, you assume that you got the salute because of your trump sticker, but I think it was because the driver recognized you for who you are as a tax fighter who steals his money every month for you weak ass service. You really should loose your “vanity” plates if you don’t like getting your due.

    Remember, cal, if one Assumes…well you know what you are; right?

  7. DEMOCRATS are winning Board seats in Districts 1, 2 and 3!

  8. Trump sticker in front of your rear view mirror?

    I used to have a Jesse Jackson sticker on my front bumper. It said: “Run Jesse, Run”

  9. Looks like Cal isn’t covering this atm.

    The Blue Wave has hit McHenry County.

    Even though Ruaner handily carried the county, Democrats have picked up seats in half of the County Board districts in which they ran and have won at least one and possibly both Congressional seats as of this writing at 10 PM.

    The state legislative races were also much closer than is historically normal here.

    2020 may be even worse.

    Democrats could very well sweep all of the local offices.

    The Tide has turned.

    We owe it all to Donald J. Trump.

    He will not change his ways. He is incapable of insight.

    Those of you here who supported him and still do should spend the next two years in front of your mirrors.

    Meanwhile, I am moving.

    Good luck! Tic tock…

  10. Really Cal?

    You took his picture and you think it was your politics that got you the finger?

    And then you ran that picture with license clearly displayed?.

    But hey, any excuse to go berserk over rude Democrats, right??

  11. I took a photo of a campaign technique I saw nowhere else this year.

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