Wonder Lake Bible Church Polling Place Without Paper Ballots

Here’s another example of improper election procedure by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

A person who voted at the Wonder Lake Bible Church in McHenry Township Precinct 33 called to say that there were no paper ballots when she voted.

Just computers.

Since then, paper ballots have shown up.


Wonder Lake Bible Church Polling Place Without Paper Ballots — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting; in our precinct, Algonquin Township, before the polls opened, nothing worked!

    Judge called in to the Clerk’s office for assistance.

    Judges could not complete sign ins, touch screens did not function.

    People who were voting on their way to work were getting upset about the delay.

    Touch screens were still not working 3 hrs. later.

    Help was to be “on the way.”

    Judges concerned that they will run out of paper ballots.

    here are several different ballots; the informational headings were problematic in the size and organization of the instructions that the judges need when handing them out to the voters.

    Chalk up another election day disaster.

  2. They’re out of toilet paper, too.

    Oh, sorry, they’re using Hultgren ballots for that.

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