Are There Missing Votes in McHenry County?

Or were people so disgusted with the campaigns that they only voted for a select group of candidates?

Here are the vote totals listed on the McHenry County Clerk’s web site as of 9:30 AM:

115,332 votes were cast and counted, according to the McHenry County Clerk’web site.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog captured the following information:

  • Total shown for the two Congressional Districts = 91,099
  • Total shown for the Governor race = 91,028
  • Total shown for the AG race = 90,933
  • Total shown for the S.O.S. race = 91,203
  • Total shown for Comptroller = 90,658
  • Total shown for Treasurer = 89,871
  • Total shown for State Senate races = 90,281
  • Total shown for the State House races = 83,189

    It would appear we are still waiting for the results from about 23,000
    ballots cast.

Also, Mary McClellan’s ‘ticker’ shows 115,002 ballots issued but the Clarity [a contrctor of the Clerk’s Office] numbers show the 115,332 number which I assume includes Provisionals.


Are There Missing Votes in McHenry County? — 20 Comments

  1. McHenry always has ‘missing’ votes and votes ‘switched’ from one candidate to the ‘favored’ one.

    Kathy Schultz, waterboard her and you’d learn about all kinds of ‘thrown’ elections.

  2. Backstabbing and LYING to your base has consequences and now we will all have to
    suffer the folly of RINO Rauner’s arrogant ego.

    This explains the so called “missing votes” – thanks Bruce.

  3. I didn’t vote for unopposed candidates, because they really only need to vote for themselves to win.

  4. I must admit that I find it curious that in an election with record turnout 20% of the voters would not bother to vote in the hotly-contested races.

    however, I have no comparative data

    Cal, can you get results from other counties for comparison?

  5. I would be surprised to find that in this election 20% of the voters skipped the most highly contested races.

    Cal, can you get similar statistics from nearby counties to see if a 20% drop off right is common?

  6. Undervoting happens.

    I undervoted because the governor candidates nauseated me, as did a few others.

    I’m not the only one.

    This seems more likely than a conspiracy of stolen ballots.

  7. History shows that a new President loses Congressional seats in the first midterm. So, history happened in the US House. However, the President’s Party gained seats in the Senate. Also, even though the former Democrat president obama went to GA and FL along with big time liberal celebrities, the Democrat candidates for governor lost in these States. obama and oprah and other far left wing celebrities, actors, whatever were BIG LOSERS. obama and oprah should just keep quiet, sit in their rocking chairs and Democrats might be better without them. They are like the goat who came to Wrigley Field and cast a spell on the Cubs.

  8. I have talked to several concerned voters.

    On their ballot, Hultgren was running unopposed.

    Anyone else see this?

  9. Lake county, which uses the same website (results.enr.clarityelections), shows 248 thousand votes cast. The votes at the top had nearly 245,000.

    Boone County shows about 18,000 cast and nearly 18,000 in their top races.

    Yes, the numbers don’t add up.

    Is there some reason why McHenry County voters in particular would do this? Seems unlikely. There must be some kind of glitch.

  10. **On their ballot, Hultgren was running unopposed. Anyone else see this?**

    So, what you’re saying is that Underwood should have won by even more? Cool.

  11. I looked up data on two nearby counties. In both of them, almost every voter voted for Governor. The figures for McHenry County look distinctly different. The data follows. If someone would double-check my numbers and my math, I’d appreciate it.

    Kane County
    Registered Voters 314,170
    Ballots cast 168,835 53.7% turnout
    Governor votes 166,575 98.7% of ballots cast

    DuPage County
    Registered Voters 639,752
    Ballots cast 355,525 55.6% turnout
    Governor votes 350,916 98.7% of ballots cast

    McHenry County
    Registered Voters 238,290
    Ballots cast 116,703 48.9% turnout
    Governor votes 92,381 79.2% of ballots cast

  12. Look at the addition of Boone and Lake County results in the article.

    Something is different about McHenry County.

    Of course, it could be we just have a lot more people like you.

  13. With Tirio there IS hope that elections won’t be rigged. But he’ll need experts because of the buried programs.

    I can’t get over the HS referendumvote in McHenry.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a tricked out trigger that counted every 2nd NO vote to a Yes vote. McClellan is probably not the culprit. It’s in the computer programs.

    Remember when McClellan’s first election after she became Clerk was such a fiasco? She fired the old clerk, Kathy Shultz’s son, who was Kathy’s overpaid techie. McClellan fired him on her first day in office (yeah, I know she then hired her lamebrain husband, but that’s another story, and the fact that her lamebrain husband just ‘got’ a job with the Computer Software company McClellan did her no-bid McH Co. deal with bears high scrutiny, but that, too, is another story. Investigate Shultz’s kid and whether he ‘built in’
    a lot of ‘programming problems’ for that first McClellan as Clerk election.

  14. My theory regarding Steve’s numbers above:

    Red county being compared to two blue counties.

    Red county reluctant to vote Bruce RINOer back in so they didn’t vote at all.

    Blue countries obviously voting blue.

  15. LadyJane: The HS vote is because weak-willed people are tricked into voting with their feelings rather than their brains.

    That, and they are lied to with the “lower taxes” half-truth.

    The school system already gets 50% of our taxes and yet it’s so mismanaged that it needs yet more and more money to operate, even after paying off bonds for the last referendum.

    It’s insane.

  16. I’m putting my house up for sale. This place is going to get creepier and creepier .

  17. Ladyjane, you’re right about McClellan hiring her doof husband.

    Nepotism reigns in McHenry County.

    Hopefully Joe Tirio can clean this crooked county up.

    Kenneally can’t or won’t.

    I shall NEVER vote for that liar again.


    BTW, Underwood brought in a gang of LGBTQ people to serve as election judges in this County.

    NONE of them even lived here.

    How can that be?

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