“Undervote” for Governor Very Small in Boone, DuPage, Kane & Lake Compared to McHenry

Yesterday, it was pointed out that a good number of votes in McHenry County did not show up in the race for Governor.

Bruce Rauner won McHenry County with the following results:

A Friend of McHenry County Blog found the following statistics when comparing what happened in McHenry County with what happened in DuPage and Kane Counties.

The “undervote” for Governor in McHenry County was a much higher proportion than those in DuPage and Kane Counties.  20.8% in McHenry, while 2.5% in DuPage and Kane.

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Casting about for explanations, here is the one that makes the most sense so far:

People not willing to vote for either person, but still want to vote for candidates for other offices

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Here is some more research by commenter “An American” on results in neighboring Boone and Lake Counties, neither of which show the severe drop-off of voting for Governor:

Lake county, which uses the same website (results.enr.clarityelections), shows 248 thousand votes cast. The votes at the top had nearly 245,000.

Boone County shows about 18,000 cast and nearly 18,000 in their top races.

Yes, the numbers don’t add up.

Is there some reason why McHenry County voters in particular would do this? Seems unlikely. There must be some kind of glitch.



“Undervote” for Governor Very Small in Boone, DuPage, Kane & Lake Compared to McHenry — 20 Comments

  1. I also looked into whether it could be caused because some chunk of vote is missing and that doesn’t seem likely.
    For instance, assuming it’s because early voting wasn’t factored in doesn’t add up. There were about 75,000 election day votes plus a little over 7,000 absentees. But that adds up well short (about 10,000) of the 92,000 who cast votes in statewide races.
    The amount of early votes was over 33,000, which is way off from the difference between 116 and 92 thousand. That difference is about 24,000. That would indicate an unrealistically high percentage of non-votes.
    So what else could it be? Could it be provisional ballots plus mail in ballots? I’m skeptical there would be 24,000 of those — they usually make up a very small percentage of the overall votes (low single digit percentages). Plus, those might not even show up as “votes cast” if they haven’t been counted yet.
    I’m stumped, guys.
    And for those Democratic commenters like dentbla who have implied this is whining because Republicans lost, it is actually YOU who should be more concerned about these results not including ~ 24,000 people, not the Republicans! In McHenry County, Republicans won the Clerk’s office, they won 9/12 county board seats (4/7 Democrats were rejected including both from District 5 which has liberal Woodstock, and Carlos Acosta is only down by less than 200 votes), they won every single state rep and state senate seat, they went for Hultgren over Underwood, and they went for Republicans in 4/5 statewide contests. So if Republicans are claiming “the demoncrats stole muh election” then Democrats did quite a poor job of that in McHenry County because Republicans did quite well.
    Also, Democrats have been hooting and hollering about Russian interference and “our sacred trust in voting being eroded by chaotic actors.” Well, if having our faith in the voting system undermined is what concerns you, then you should be concerned about a 24,000 thousand vote discrepancy.
    For me, this has nothing to do with who won or lost. Nothing about these percentages was outrageously surprising or seemed “off.” What is off is the vote totals, to the tune of about 24,000… That should make any reasonable person curious, regardless of partisan affiliation. What’s going on? What is the cause of the discrepancy?

  2. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released undercover video Tuesday of a Texas poll worker admitting that “tons” of non-citizens are being allowed to vote.
    In the video (embedded below), a woman tells two Travis County poll workers that her boyfriend, a DACA recipient, is in the car because he is nervous about not being able to vote. She let’s both poll workers know that the boyfriend is not a citizen.

    “If he has his ID that’s all he needs — if he’s registered,” the first election worker reassures the Project Veritas journalist.


  3. From NW Herald:

    ““People just didn’t want to vote for governor,” she said.

    Although polls closed on Tuesday night, McClellan is still receiving ballots in mail. McClellan said she noticed many of those ballot did not include a pick for governor.

    McClellan pegged the missing votes to “bullet voting” or “undervoting” – the practice of voting in one race on the ballot despite the ability to vote in more.

    “People do it all the time,” the clerk said.”

    1. What makes McHenry County such an outlier?
    2. It is not just for Governor. It appears to be all the races.
    3. Without some organized effort to undervote, it is highly unlikely that this many people would have undervoted (also see point 2 and Mary’s quote again).
    4. Cook County and McHenry County are the only counties which are being displayed as incomplete on Politico. And while Hultgren’s district does show up as 100 percent on politico (I don’t think any of it falls within Cook County), take a look at some of the strange data in Cook County for congressional races. They’re showing congressional races with only 80 something percent reporting, one that’s still in the 70’s, and one that is even in the 30’s!
    5. If this isn’t due to some error, don’t be surprised if the State Board of Elections or perhaps even the U.S. Department of Justice gets involved.

    We have to go back to paper. This push for more automation is a mistake. Nearly every problem at the polls is due to some technological issue. We need a simpler process, and one that relies less on tech. What happens if the power goes out? Is there a contingency? And, if so, doesn’t that involve paper? Why do you suppose that is?

  4. A sample size of 30 is sufficient to establish statistical significance. If a sample of 30 nearby counties, or better yet, all 101 other counties in Illinois, were to show a very minor difference between the 95% voting rate that we are seeing for governor in the sample so far, then we could conclude that the results in McHenry County are indeed anomalous and bear investigation.

  5. The Clerk has updated the numbers.

    Acosta has won and Underwood carried McHenry County.

    Mary says the early votes weren’t counted.

    Except some of them obviously were, since the number who voted for governor was about 92,000 in her old numbers and the total of election day voting plus absentees only added up to about 82,000.

    So with about 33,000 early votes cast, it appears that a little under 1/3 of the early votes HAD been counted in her old numbers.

    How is this possible?

    I’m assuming if it were by individual precincts not counting, they couldn’t have missed 2/3rds of the precincts having no early vote numbers — that just seems too obvious to miss. Why did she originally shrug it off as just “bullet voting”?

    This is very strange.

    But I’ve asked enough questions. Wouldn’t want to slip on a banana peel or something…

    Y’all have fun with your fantastic, wonderful McHenry County government!!! They’re the best.

  6. Forget about the States Attorney or Attorney General, this was a federal election – I want the current Clerk investigated by the Fed DOJ!!!!

    That said, it would appear the Clerk and / or Clarity elections left off all the Early vote numbers other than the ones cast at the County (this guess is based on previous election numbers).

    Also, keep in mind that an 11 year old took only eight minutes to hack the equipment now used by this County.

  7. Look at the results in the Hultgren race.

    Are you trying to tell me Hultgren lost McHenry?

    No way I believe that.

    I hope his attorneys throw paper at the outgoing clerk.

  8. We have new vote totals on the Clerk’s web site, and the vote for governor is now much more in line with the vote in other counties, although turnout still looks low.

    I’m curious how both sets of numbers — then and now — show 100% of the votes.

  9. It appears that the missing ballots have been found.

    The McHenry County Clerk’s website now shows 115,434 votes for governor.

    What’s the story?

  10. What a legacy of screwing up election night after election night after election night.

    Mary McClellan is the WORST.

    Lauren Underwood WINS McHenry County.

    Dems take 4 board seats!


    BLUE WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It can take up to 14 days to process mail ballots…. says so right on them.

    It’s possible a mail ballot postmarked on or before Tuesday hasn’t even reached the Clerk’s office yet.

  12. **So with about 33,000 early votes cast, it appears that a little under 1/3 of the early votes HAD been counted in her old numbers.**

    Complete guess here, but my guess is that she included VBM and not early voting, or something like that.

    Can I just say that this is a good reason to not hvs elected officials oversee elections?

    We should hire competent mangers with appropriate skills.

  13. UPDATE! I just visited the McHenry site and Kane County sites at 10:15PM 11/8.

    If we visit the results in nearby kane we see ONLINE the unofficial data for early vote/grace – by mail – same day … for each contest, in the cumulative report.

    Approx 47% of the overall vote for GOV. was early/grace + mail.

    Where in the Mchenry clerk pages do we find the early vote/ mail in information by contest?

    If you click on Mchenry clerk’s turnout tab – it does Not break it down either and yes folks it is Wrong.

    Alden 1 according to this has no registered voters and no turnout but 651 votes were cast.

    So what are those numbers too?

  14. You people who put your faith in elections are stupid. You play by the rules, but ANTIFA wipes like Underwood, the fake nurse who lived in DC but voted in IL in ’16, and sicko crooks like Mary McClellan NEVER WILL!

    People like ACOSTA demand power so that we will pay for illegal alien hordes to dispossess us.

    If you cant see that big picture become a paying member the Universalist Urine-tarian ‘Church’ and pre-pay for your own beheading.


  15. Wow Swordfish, perhaps some anger management classes would help.

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