Cell Phone Location App Leads Police to Fort Lauderdale Car Content Thieves

A press release from the Huntley Police Department:

Vehicle Burglary Suspects Apprehended

On Thursday, November 8, 2018 at approximately 8:22 am, the Huntley Police Department received a report of a burglary to a motor vehicle at a child care facility on the 12500 block of Princeton Drive.

The victim reported contents of the vehicle missing, one being a cellular telephone, and the suspect vehicle was described as a white pick-up truck with tinted windows.

The victim was able to obtain a location of the missing cellular phone via an app on the device.

The telephone was then located approximately ½ mile north of the theft location, along Illinois Route 47.

A second Officer proceeded to another child care facility located in the 11400 block of Rainsford Drive and observed a vehicle matching the description that exited from the facility, at a high rate of speed northbound on Illinois Route 47.

The information was passed along to surrounding police agencies and the suspect vehicle was observed in the Village of Lakewood and then later driving at a high rate of speed, south on Illinois Route 47.

The vehicle was driving in an aggressive manner and struck several vehicles on Illinois Route 47.

Huntley Police sent this photo of the car content thieves’ pickup truck.

In the area of Illinois Route 47 and Regency Square Parkway, the vehicle came to a stop, due to flat tires and the occupants fled on foot, east from the vehicle.

Two suspects were apprehended, with the assistance of an off-duty police officer, in a construction site located at 12380 Illinois Route 47.

Charged in the incident were the following:

Victory Ogiste

Victor A. Ogiste, age 22, of Fort Lauderdale, FL

• 720 ILCS 5/19-1-A – Burglary (Class 2 Felony)
• 720 ILCS 5/21-2-A – Criminal Trespass to vehicle (Class A Misdemeanor)
• 720 ILCS 5/16-1-A-1 – Theft (Class A Misdemeanor)

Calvin Rogers

Calvin M. Rogers, age 23, of Fort Lauderdale, FL

• 720 ILCS 5/19-1-A – Burglary (Class 2 Felony)
• 720 ILCS 5/21-2-A – Criminal Trespass to vehicle (Class A Misdemeanor)
• 720 ILCS 5/16-1-A-1 – Theft (Class A Misdemeanor)
• 625 ILCS 5/11-503(a)(1) – Reckless driving (Class A Misdemeanor) {2 counts}
• 625 ILCS 5/11-709(A) – Improper lane use {2 counts}
• 625 ILCS 5/11-402 – Leaving the scene of a property damage accident {2 counts}

Both subjects were transported to the Kane County jail to await a bond hearing


Cell Phone Location App Leads Police to Fort Lauderdale Car Content Thieves — 9 Comments

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