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  1. Campaign signs to be replaced this Spring by home for sale signs as more people come to grips
    with the undeniable reality that living in McHenry County and Illinois is no longer desirable nor
    economically feasible as the deranged Leftists have taken over.

  2. Thank God for the Swanson’s of the world!

    He has set a very high bar for other Township Chairmen!

  3. What makes him great?

    There are like 40 vacancies for PC in that township.

  4. Glen is a Great American and an Energizer Bunny!

    A big Thank you to Glen, Cyndi H., Gary C. and all other Candidates, PCs & volunteers that collected Republican signs right after the election. You serve as a great examples of what it means to clean up the county of visual noise pollution.

    Kudos to those who will be cleaning up Headquarters and driving unwanted signs to be Recycled soon.

    Any Republican candidate who desires or is in need of assistance collecting signs please call me or email me ASAP so Joe and I can get a crew together for this weekend.

  5. I could probably use all those signs, to help build my mud yurt on county property, after I get taxed out of my home.

  6. Cal,

    McHenry County Republican Chairwoman, Diane Evertsen sent out notice that Sign Recycling is available!

    1) Environmental Defenders, McHenry Train Station, 4005 Main St, McHenry accepting signs Sat. Nov. 10 from 9am – noon.

    2) Chicago Logistic Serv. 501 Davis Rd, Elgin (off Rt 31 but South of 90) with open and ongoing acceptance.

  7. This is why I voted for Glen to be the Chair of our Algonquin Township Republican Party.

  8. Sunshine blogger, this sign recycling nonsense must stop! Who in his/her right mind might even consider these beautiful things as garbage? As a friend of this sunshine blog, I will allow myself to make this proposal. Let’s identify a lot of, let’s say, 400-500 acres in our county, preferably next to the closest landfill. Then, we may display all these beautiful signs in perfectly linear patterns all across the field in the same way the graves are displayed at the Arlington National Cemetery. This will allow future generations of McHenry County good citizens to pay tribute to these republikkklan career politicians who paid the ultimate sacrifice of serving this county with grace and honor. We may even call this site the “McHenry County Sunshine blogger County Cemetery of political signs” to honor your service as a career politician and irrelevant blogger. Besides, it provides an additional excuse to continue fundraising. It goes without saying, only gop signs will be allowed in this cemetery; Democratic candidates’ signs should immediately go to trash. Those sunshine commenters in favor, please say aye.

  9. One thing we ALL have in common is we ignore mentally ill comments such as the one above.

    Thank you Glen for your hard work.
    Yes it’s true we have many openings for PCs in Alg. That doesn’t mean we don’t have great volunteers that don’t hold titles there.

    If you live in Alg Twnshp and wish to run for Republican Precinct Committeemen or just volunteer, contact Glen or the exac committee members: Diane Evertsen, Chuck Wheeler, Karen Trio or Rachael Laurence… Or Cal or Steve Wilson or or or…this goes for anyone in any other Township as well.

  10. I voted for Glen, too.

    He’s good!

    Will he now be targeted by Acosta’s tattoed thugs?

    The gay Casten creeps already removed most of Roskam’s signs before Election Day.

    This is something Franks started in this County!

    “From a statement from incumbent Republican Peter Roskam:

    “Every day, local residents are calling the Roskam campaign office reporting yard signs stolen from their property or destroyed . . . To date, 350 Roskam for Congress yard signs have been reported stolen or lost. The sign theft dramatically increased since Roskam first called on (Democratic nominee Sean) Casten to stop his supporters’ shameful tricks. Casten’s response? Crickets.”

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