Observations on Woodstock Girls’ Reaction to Magazine

From Woodstock’s Richard Rostron

Is it time for racial, ethnic and gender redistribution?

Two young women of high school age were critiquing a local magazine published for women, and their approach was brutal.

It devolved to going page-by-page sarcastically counting the number of ‘people of color’:

“Oh, here’s one.”

Obviously, they felt that the underrepresentation of minorities in the magazine was indicative of terrible bigotry.

At one point, the one young woman did candidly acknowledge that the racial/ethnic content of the
magazine probably reflected the local demographics.

As the publication in question is paid advertising, front to back, this is certainly true.

McHenry County is 75% Caucasian, 15% Hispanic and approximately 1% each of Asians, Multiracial and Blacks. Native Americans make up 0.2% of our local population.

The second largest minority group (7.2%) is ethnically and racially “Unknown” (figures from Data USA).

It’s not a crime that the county is mostly white unless, of course, we twist ourselves around to look at it from the perspective of radical Leftist contortionists.

However, it is sad to watch two young women bashing a publication where they would presumably age into the target market, and waste their time counting how many ‘people of color’ are found within its pages.

This begs the question, should our media, of all kinds, demonstrate racial and ethnic equity even where none exists in the population that consumes the media.

Or, should we seek to create racial and ethnic parity in McHenry County. But then, what about other factors: religious, cultural, educational, political?

Does it make sense to do this redistribution solely on a local level; wouldn’t we have a responsibility to do so globally as well?

And what about gender equity?

In America, women make up approximately 50.8% of the population.

But, globally, they’ve slipped from 49.985% in 1960 to 49.556% in 2017 (according to The World Bank).

Well, we could look for volunteers for gender redefinition and, if there aren’t enough of them, we could draft some others.

Of course, that’s a dangerous place to go, too, considering that Google recognizes more than 60 genders.

It all gets rather complicated.

What isn’t complicated is the realization that the world doesn’t fit into a nice, neat package defined by counting the number of ‘people of color’ in a magazine.

So, why do young girls in Woodstock spend their time doing just that?

Could it have something to do with the Democrats who rallied in The Square outside a short time later?


Observations on Woodstock Girls’ Reaction to Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. Read somewhere geneticists claim I’m part Neanderthal.

    If it helps girls, I’m available for hire in any future shoots, complete with club and Ice Age survival tips.

  2. A middle aged man writes a polemic about the preferences of teenaged girls whom he does not know.

    Truly the height of journalism.

  3. Oh boy…these comments should be “fun.”

    But good god, this is a terrible take.

  4. It’s a piece on his observations.

    Good article.

    It contains observations, facts and reasoning.

    I observed some whacko Left wingers on the Square last night that had similar depth, lack of facts and reasoning capabilities as these two teenaged girls!

    The group gathered there were holding signs that said “Impeach Trump”, “Protect Mueller” and County Board member gone RESISTER Paula Yensen yelling ‘No One is Above the Law!” and “We did it, didn’t we” and other such nonsense in celebration of their blue dribble.

    Best part was when I went up to the group and asked “why are you all here?”

    a middle aged guy yelled “why are YOU here? We’re here because of Trump! We have to Impeach Trump!”

    I said “What has he done that’s got you so angry? Was it the lowering of taxes? Securing of our Borders? Bringing back jobs for all demographics? Improving the stock market, Bringing back manufacturing? Improving Veterans Affairs? Respects Law Enforcement and our Military? What? Tell me.”

    He yelled “The way he treats women! I have a daughter-I wouldn’t leave him alone with her!

    When I said “That’s fine but you’d leave your daughter with Bill Clinton??” and all he could do was lunge at me and yell “Get outta here!’

    How do these people reason enough to get along in life? Oh never mind…

  5. There’s no indication as to what experiences and knowledge led the two high school age females to have such a conversation.

    Apparently they feel that minorities are being purposefully left out of the publication.

    Regardless there are many pieces to the subject.

    There is a big difference between the current racial / ethnic make-up of the two high schools in Woodstock, cmpared to the racial / ethnic make-up of all adults and children in the county as of the 2010 Census.

    The following is from the Illinois State Board of Education’s Illinois Report Card for 2017-2018.

    Woodstock High School
    White – 55.6%
    Hispanic – 37.2%
    Black – 2.5%
    Two or More Races – 2.3%
    Asian – 2.2%
    American Indian – 0.1%
    Pacific Islander – 0.0%

    Woodstock North High School
    White – 62.4%
    Hispanic – 31.4%
    Two or More Races – 2.4%
    Black – 1.6%
    Asian – 1.6%
    American Indian 0.3%
    Pacific Islander – 0.2%

    There are many other things to consider.

    The generation gap means the adult had very different curriculum, media, and political experiences than the children.

    It is not common but not unusual for an mainstream adult to say something about race / ethnicity which they believe to be a perfectly valid point, and a high school age child who is 20 or 30 years younger to interpret that as racist.

    And then it takes a lot of back and forth to understand the differences between the two perceptions.

    Most high school aged children do not have the experience that comes with time to understand when race / ethnicity is being used for what is likely scoring political points to stoke an eventual get out the vote (the diabolical / political operative types), as opposed to being a sincere conversation about whatever.

    There are a lot of highly compensated people who make a living driving maximum Democrat votes in one way or another, and they too often see race / ethnicity as a means to an end.

    Sometimes they have a valid point, sometimes they don’t.

  6. Cal did you study journalism? Who, what, when, where, why?

    I have no idea what magazine this was, who these girls were why they were reading it and absolutely no idea,what the author’s point was.

    And Democrats held a rally about it??

  7. Joe Kiverda, are you Jacko Franks?

    Don’t you have some Springpatch scandals to hide?

    Does the name ‘Penny’ ring a bell, ding-dong?

    People know.

  8. The word “underrepresentation” was used.

    Some people apparently want proportionality so that if there is X percent of race A in the total universe/population, it means that there should/must be X percent of race A in every entity such as a magazine, a workforce of a company, a professional sports team, a university?

    How nuts is that?

    How about everyone agrees that persons are selected for a workforce of a company or a sports team or a university or anything else STRICTLY on their talents and qualifications.

  9. TheHarm: the post isn’t actually about teenage girls but rather what the PC culture has done to them.

    It isn’t their fault, so much, as it is those who have used social totalitarianism to warp our country politically, culturally and socially.

  10. Mark: It is a very complicated issue.

    But, in my modest opinion, it is also an issue that is regularly abused for political gain.

    For the most part, however, the purpose of my post was to inspire people to challenge their assumptions.

    I see far too little of this in our PC culture today – folks patting themselves on the back for their diversity without an honest appraisal of what they’ve done or how it does or does not deserve accolades.

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