Looking at County Board Vote Jumps after “Lost” Vote Found

Here is a comment from “KnownExtremist:”

There appears to be a clear anomaly in the ACOSTA vote gain after the addition of the early and mail in votes when compared to other candidates in both his own District 5 and Districts 1 and 2, which are the only other districts in which the vote totals were reported by the NWH when they reached 100% counted.

Here are the number of the GAIN in votes for each candidate.

The District 5 totals were taken off of this website when 97% were reported as in, which is sufficiently close to 100% that it should be representative.

DISTRICT 1: VIJUK 1831 gain, NOWAK, 1916 gain; SPOERL, 1486 gain.

DISTRICT 2: NESS, 3317 gain; SCHOFIELD, 3115 gain; HOWELL 2120 gain

DISTRICT 5: ACOSTA, 4045 gain; WEDIG, 2843 gain; JUNG, 2835 gain, REIN, 2725 gain.

So, for some reason, ACOSTA outperformed all other candidates by a considerable margin, in both the Republican and Democratic parties when mail in and early votes were added.

What does this mean?

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Anyone want to do the research on District 3?


Looking at County Board Vote Jumps after “Lost” Vote Found — 24 Comments

  1. As a friend of this sunshine blog, I took it to myself to request, access and analyze highly classified information with regards to this outrageous conspiracy theory of voter fraud that allowed a dangerous Latino communist union leader to our County Board. My conclusions are astounding. Apparently, more people voted for Carlos Acosta. In other words, this is another unfortunate case in which the higher voter participation is, the worst off republikkklans are. My investigation would not be complete without suggesting my own particular take on this electoral tragedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few thousand votes were fraudulently mailed by those illegal terrorists from the caravan and included in these totals by Mrs. McClellan. How about that for a conspiracy theory? Sunshine blogger, please get to the bottom of this.

  2. This reminds me of the “votes found” in Chicago that were exactly what JFK needed to win. Hold back and find enough votes later to set your candidate up for a win. Chicago style.

  3. All candidates in District 5 should demand a thorough, complete and scrupulous recount of every single ballot cast and verification of the voters who cast ballots. Thinking about Chicago in the past, also verify that all voters were alive when the ballots were cast. After all, this would be just like the Democrat Governor candidates in GA and FL and the FL Democrat Senator candidate are demanding.

  4. In District 3. Wegener gained 1361, Parrish gained 1303 and Gottemoller gained 1020. As far as Rein and Acosta the margin is almost the same between Howell and Ness. In both of these races Acosta/Ness gained an averaged of 32 percent more votes than Rein/Howell with the corrected early vote totals. In all races the democrats did very well with early voters. Averaged between the 4 races, the Democrat winner averaged 27 percent better than the Republican who lost in regards to the corrected early vote totals. It’s also clear that Nowak, Schoffield and Parrish benefited from the strong performance of Democratic challengers. You would also have to look at past races to see if the early vote total in 5 was indeed stronger than usual before you could call it an anomaly. Either way all elections that MM was charged with should be examined by an outside agency.

  5. It means we are quickly becoming a narco-state like Mexico.

    This is what happens in Mexico and Venezuela on a constant basis.

    WARNING: be prepared for crime rises, property value plummets and idiots like Acosta telling you to give up your firearms pronto.

  6. When I wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. Buster, the Pull My Finger Fart Chimp for County Board.

    I had no idea it would translate into votes for Acosta.


  7. The Democrats did not get a BLUE WAVE, so their backup is a CRIME WAVE!

  8. It means Woodstock is full of Dems and Dems pushed early voting hard. Nobody is surprised Acosta won. Most Republicans you talked to before the election would have told you Rein was the most vulnerable and Acosta was the most likely Dem to win. I’m pretty sure people on this blog commented that Rein was in trouble too. Look at the data of how Woodstock voted in the past to see how blue it is. I’m not surprised Acosta won, I just think this whole process was garbage. We need an investigation because there are some major oddities with the numbers (like being 24,000 off in votes, then claiming it was because early votes weren’t entered, but there were 33,000 early votes) that need an explanation and the initial explanation by the Clerk’s office raises red flags…she basically tried to cover up these huge discrepancies, or she is incredibly stupid. How the hell do you not notice that early votes weren’t entered (the official story)? This push for more computers is wrong. We need to be getting FEWER computers. We need a more archaic system that relies more on paper. I hope Jack, Joe, and the board will explore that idea.

  9. Was this in the long term plan? Franks (who doesn’t give money to Any other candidates) gave to McClellan to run for Clerk.

    He pushed to have an elected county board chairman, lied and said He wouldn’t run, then did run, and win ( or did he?)

    Now HE’s the one answering questions to the press about this botched election instead of the Clerk in charge of elections!?!?!?!?

    Something stinks to high heaven!

    All candidates should demand investigations into everything!

    Even possible pay to play with this no-bid contract with the co. cook county uses for election equipment that the clerk signed on with ( when she lied to the board and said ‘we need new equipment or we won’t be able to have the upcoming election’)

    Franks and McClellan doing things the Chicago way.

    These two should be bunking it like Blago has been the last decade!

    I don’t care if other counties are doing full investigations or not.

    We have to demand it here!!!!

  10. Of course you can’t believe he won because he has been in the community and working hard to campaign. The delta between the highest vote Democrat and the lost vote Republican is comparable in every race you list. His race is in alignment with the others.

    The percentage of change between the highest vote getter and lowest in District 1 is 28%, in district 2 Is 56% and district 5 is 48%. The outlier is that the second Democrat performed so poorly.

    District 5 has been leaning blue for nearly a decade. 2006 is when Kennedy won- This is not the least bit shocking. What you should be concerned with is the fact there was a 2,000 vote drop off between two Republicans almost across the board. The county is more centric then this audience would like to believe. But District 5 has been leaning Democratic for years.

  11. Before you automatically dismiss these wins as anomaly you might want to look at the numbers.

    There were clear gains throughout the county that are beginning to show a trend toward not blue or red but more magenta than some would like to recognize.

    In District 3. Wegener gained 1361, Parrish gained 1303 and Gottemoller gained 1020. As far as Rein and Acosta the margin is almost the same between Howell and Ness. In both of these races the Acosta/Ness garnered approx. 32 percent more votes to the Republican who garnered the least of the corrected early vote totals.

    In all races the democrats did very well with early voters when looking at the adjusted votes.

    Averaged between the 4 contested races democrats won, the Democrat winner averaged Aprox. 27 percent more votes than the Republican who lost. It’s also clear that Nowak, Schoffield and Parrish benefited from the strong performance of Democratic challengers.

    Given the voting discrepancy between Altoff and Wheeler (Wheeler dropped 16 percent -2109 votes- and District 4 had a drop-off of voters compared to other districts by over 21 percent) Wheeler is lucky he didn’t have a democratic challenger or he very likely would have lost. Wheeler didn’t win, he just wasn’t beaten. The vote totals show clearly voters would rather under vote than vote for him.

    In all county races the Republicans who won all except Wheeler would be classified as moderate. This trend is mirrored all across the collar counties in suburbs that were previously Republican Strong holds- Look at Dupage and Lake County. No Anomaly

  12. Wake: I don’t think you can consider Spoerl and Gottemoeller anything other than “moderate” incumbent candidates.

    Spoerl was not well known but that certainly can’t be said of Gottemoeller, who was once an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

    It also appears anomalous that Rauner carried McHenry County while the Democratic congressional incumbents lost.

    This could represent a desire to birth a check on Trump at the national level but then you have Democrats also winning in four county board races, whereas the local GOP state legislative candidates all won.

    Maybe it was all about “checks and balances” at every level….

    Unfortunately, at the County Board level, it will just mean that Franks will have free reign as his most effective opponents will be mostly gone.

  13. Should be no suprise to anyone that as many Democratic candidates got elected just had to see how many signs they had all over the county.

    One would assume that shows support that wasn’t there in years past.

    That and the fact we have more people here who are from the city and suburbs and don’t know how to vote any other way.

  14. She surpassed my estimation of her incompetence.

    She is not capable of a conspiracy under the noses of dozens of election workers.

    I do hope you’ll remember how incompetent she is when she next runs for circuit judge.

  15. KE: Given the amount of space and time clearly there are more factors at play.

    District 3. Lori ran an excellent campaign at every step but the way she not only won but pulled away shows she benefited from votes of Wegner.

    This does not at take away from her deserved victory but helps explain the numbers.

    Joe the establishmentment candidate this worked against him greatly.

    Sproel as an article posted early in this blog showed D26 where he was once president is having negotiation issues and from what I am told the talk of the town.

    Did this play a part have to look at the numbers.

    McHenry County is turning Magenta.

  16. “Gottemoeller, who was once an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention.”

    I don’t think so.

  17. Demographic disaster unfolding people.

    But let’s all wait til the mass rapes and property reversions happen.

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