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More commentary on McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s conduct of the fall election:

Crystal Lake Main Beach House polling place.

Re: “McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.”

Another flat out lie by the “bully”.

The Clerk had a running ‘ticker’ displayed on the County website. I have pictures of what they showed on election day and the day after.

Early vote Clerk ‘ticker’ on 11/06/18 33,044

Absentee vote Clerk ‘ticker’ 11/06/18 7,131

Turnout Election Day on ‘ticker’ 11/07/18 74,827

Here are the numbers when the two files displayed on Clarity’s website are compared.

One file copy from Nov, 7 and one from Nov. 8.

Increase in votes for Congress 23,855
Increase in votes for Governor 23,849
Increase in votes for Attorney General 23,835
Increase in votes for Sec of State 23,862
Increase in votes for Comptroller 23,815
Increase in votes for Treasurer 23,712
Increase in votes for State Senators 23,734
Increase in votes for State Legislators 21,412
Increase in votes for County Auditor 20,506
Increase in votes for County Clerk 23,559
Increase in votes for Sheriff 20,669
Increase in votes for County Treasurer 20,644
Increase in votes for Board Term Limits 23,850
Increase in votes for Chair Term Limits 23,449
Increase in votes for Regional Super. 20,709

Have the ‘bully’ look at the numbers and explain to me how over 33,000 votes can suddenly become less than 24,000!

In addition why did the number of ballots cast change?

If we add the ‘ticker’ numbers together 115,002

Ballots cast reported on 11/07/18 116,703

Ballots cast reported on 11/08/18 117,515

I also have another question.

The Clerk supplied the State with voter registration data in June.

That file indicated we had 224,006 active voters in the County.

On election day the Clerk is reporting 238,290.

Where did the additional 14,204 active voters come from?

Can someone explain to me what checks and balance are in place for ‘machine’ voting?

This is where you carry a blank piece of paper to the ‘machine’ you make your selections and print what you chose.

You carry that piece paper over to the tabulation ‘machine’ and insert it.

What is to stop ‘stuffing’ the ballot box?

That blank piece of paper with your choices printed does not have the Judge’s initials on it like normal ballots do.

Where any poll watchers present when the ballots were counted?


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  1. “In Favor of All Paper Ballots” is likely a Russian hacker who’s job is to sow racial division and strife and doubt of our excellent electoral system.

    Or maybe he’s just a homegrown racist who can’t phathom how Lauren Underwood beat an out of touch white man.

  2. There are definitely irregularities. I’m not all that convinced by the “there’s way more registered voters” meme, because there was a huge push to register people (especially young people to vote Democrat). This election does deserve to be looked into though. Unfortunately, according to the Daily Herald, it won’t be.

    “Illinois Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich said the agency contacted McClellan’s office and was satisfied with the explanation given for the error. He said because the problem was solved before the results were certified, there won’t be any further investigation by the state board.

    McSweeney said the election board should continue its investigation, but he was pleased the error was fixed.

    “I’m glad for two reasons,” McSweeney said. “One, that the vote is finally right, and two, that the person responsible for this disgusting incompetence is leaving office.””

    SBE doesn’t care, media doesn’t care, politicians on both sides don’t care.

  3. It seems the McHenry County Clerk’s election reporting website (Clarity) originally over counted countywide Early Votes, but under counted individual contest Early Votes.


    Here is the source blog post containing the comment from In Favor of All Paper Ballots:

    McHenry County Blog

    Poets Apparently Uninspired

    November 10, 2018


    One of the references made in the comment was that the McHenry County Clerk’s Election Results website displayed 33,044 Early Votes countywide.

    Let’s round to 33,000 Early Votes countywide.

    But but the actual Early Votes was about 24,000 countywide.

    A 9,000 Vote over count countywide.

    Isolating on the countywide Early Voting count discrepancy.

    What is the URL and path to the total McHenry County early vote count on the McHenry County Clerk’s Election Results (Clarity) website?

    Here is the Election Results website: > Election Results

    Under the Results tab:

    Filter > Vote Type Filter

    There are options for

    – Early Voting 1
    – Early Voting 2
    – Early Voting 3
    – Early Voting 4

    But where are the Early Voting results displayed?

  4. Mary McClellan incompetent?!

    That’s an understatement, Rep. McSweeney!

  5. Mark: Your comment: “It seems the McHenry County Clerk’s election reporting website (Clarity) originally over counted countywide Early Votes, but under counted individual contest Early Votes. ” Does not compute.

    When you add the early votes 1, 2, 3, and 4 for example for the Governor’s race you get:

    9,634+ 9,564+ 10,932+ 2557+ = 32,687 total early votes for Governor.

    The number of early voters was posted on the Clerk’s website and updated frequently.

    That number (I am told) represented voters as they checked in to vote.

    What are you basing: “But but the actual Early Votes was about 24,000 countywide.” on?

    It would appear that the approx. 33,000 early voters is in the ballpark.

  6. For everyone’s information, the “blank paper” ballots used by the new touch-screen machines most certainly DO have the judges’ initials on them, or else the error message, “ballot not authorized” appears, and an election judge has to place the machine into administrative mode, eject the ballot, and give it back to the judge who issued it for his/her initials.

    The bar code on these ballots corresponds to the bar code on the application the voter signs to be given the ballot in the first place.

    The signature on the application is compared to what is on file to authenticate the voter.

    That’s your check that each ballot in the optical scanner has a signed application from the voter who completed the ballot.

    Election judges in Illinois are NOT allowed to ask voters for a picture ID or voter’s card, although if the voter volunteers these items, the judges are allowed to review them.

    Many voters wish it (asking for ID) WAS permitted.

    To them, I say work with your representatives in Springfield to change the law.

    And yes, there was a poll watcher present when end-of-day procedures were performed, at least in some locations with which I’m familiar.

    Next questions?

    “All paper” needs to leave the 1940’s now and shuffle forward about 75 years.

  7. Yes let’s go with 33,000 Early Votes for the Governor’s office in McHenry County as of now.

    Looking at Mr. Skinner’s original post on the subject on November 7th AM titled, “Are There Missing Votes in McHenry County?”

    Ballots Cast: 115,332

    Governor Race: 91,028

    Difference: 24,304.

    Which number do we now believe to be inaccurate?

    Ballots Cast 115,332?

    Governor’s Race 91,028?


  8. The 24,000 comes from the fact that McLellan’s numbers were about 24,000 off, and then they “fixed” it by saying the early votes hadn’t been counted but after they were counted the numbers matched. 😉

    So now we have two numbers for early voting that are close to 33,000 but about 500 apart, and the 24,000 number.


    But, hey, it’s good enough for the board of elections.

  9. I have no idea what number is accurate and what number is not. The numbers Mark is showing reflect the numbers as they were displayed on the Clarity site after the last upload by the Clerk’s office on election night. The next day some additional numbers were added (not all precincts in Alg. Twp. showed as complete on election night).

    The file copied from the Clarity site on Nov. 7 showed: 116,703 ballots cast and the vote for governor total was 92,381.

    On Thursday the number of ballots cast moved up to 117,515 and number of votes for governor moved up to 116,230. In other words, 23,849 additional votes were tallied for the governor’s race.

    Whether those votes were early, from election day or absentee, it would appear we do not have access to data to determine that. However, the excuse that the increase in votes was due to not including the early votes does not compute because the early vote total for Governor was 32,687.

    To repeat: Early votes for governor = 32,587 while the total ‘found’ votes for governor was 23,849.

    We do have access to the total vote count component for the two files (the file from Nov. 8 and the file from Nov. 9) at the precinct level for the Congressional races and can tell you for example that in Algonquin 7, the total number of votes in the Congressional race moved from 133 for Roskam to 169 and the votes for Casten moved from 83 to 131.

    For the Clerk and the County Chairman to state that the change was due to not posting the early vote does not compute. Maybe Cals’ blog contents should be given to the State Board of Elections?

    BTW Germany and Ireland have abandoned any form of electronic voting and everything is done via paper ballot.

  10. Fodder for conspiracy theorists:

    In the primary this year, Grafton precinct 6 had a turnout of 464 voters.

    At that time the precinct showed 1,090 registered voters.

    114 pulled Democratic ballots

    350 pulled Republican ballots

    Have no idea what the exact registered voter count was on Nov. 6 for this precinct.

    Vote counts on Nov. 7 showed Hultgren had 243 votes – increased to 358 on Thurs. 47.33 %

    Vote counts on Nov. 7 showed Underwood had 105 votes – increased to 229 on Thurs. 118.10 %

    Vote counts on Nov. 7 showed Rein had 246 votes – increased to 369 on Thurs. 50.00 %

    Vote counts on Nov. 7 showed Acosta had 80 votes – increased to 189 on Thurs. 136.25 %

    Based on those numbers alone, the State Board of Elections may need to rethink their position.

  11. I have heard “Mary’s husband” has been a ‘phantom’ employee for some time.

    Really no surprise as she herself apparently now works for Com Ed.

    Anyone have time to FOIA his work record?

  12. Is the voting process and ALL procedures exactly the same in ALL precincts of McHenry County?

    Is the process, or processes, completely documented? Who assures that every single step and instruction of the process, or processes, is followed EXACTLY as written/documented? What are the controls, checkpoints in the process(es)?

  13. So on November 6th PM / November 7th AM there was a discrepancy of about 24,000 votes between ballots cast and statewide election results (Governor statewide election results in McHenry County for example).

    The latest figures for Early Voting on the McHenry County / Clarity website show about 33,000 votes for the Governors race (Early Voting 1, Early Voting 2, Early Voting 3, and Early Voting 4).

    Jack Franks and Mary McClellan claim the discrepancy was due to Early Votes.

    In Favor of All Paper Ballots says that does not compute.

    Does that pretty much sum it up?

  14. You can find the election judge manual here:

    Having observed the current Clerk in action, the ‘chain of custody’ of equipment, ballots, computer data storage cards,etc. is very ‘loosey goosey’ or non-existent.

    Many of the ‘good’ experienced election judges quit because of the current Clerk.

    This election I watched as ONE judge worked with a voter guiding her in the marking of the ballot – last time I looked, one judge from each party must participate and I did not observe the completion of any affidavit to document the assistance.

    This is from the manual:

    “Before receiving assistance, a person with disabilities must complete and sign an Assisted Voter Affidavit stating their specific disability. Before giving assistance, the individual(s) providing the assistance must also sign the Assisted Voter Affidavit. “

  15. Thanks for link to Election Judge Manual. What are the critical points in the overall election process – early voting, absentee voting, election day voting, process after polls close – and what are the checks done and by whom and how documented?

  16. Here’s the blog post containing the comment from In Favor of All Paper Ballots:

    McHenry County Blog

    Poets Apparently Uninspired

    November 10, 2018

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