Randall Road Backups Begin

From the McHenry County Department of Transportation (Randall Road web site):

The temporary traffic signals at Bunker Hill/Huntington and Randall Road, as well as the temporary traffic signal at Algonquin and Randall Road will be activated Tuesday, November 13.

Randall Road the last Tuesday of October.

These installations will replace the permanently mounted traffic signals allowing the intersection to be fully functional while construction is ongoing.

The temporary installation allows the lanes, and the corresponding signal heads, to be moved for the various stages of work. the existing traffic signal installations are in the way of the improvements and will be updated to the latest LED technology.

On Friday November 16, the temporary traffic signals at Acorn/Polaris Drive and Randall Road, and at Crystal Lake Ave and Algonquin Road will be activated.

The sequence will be the same as the Tuesday event and will be ongoing throughout the day.

Once the temporary signals are activated, the contractor will immediately remove the existing signal equipment so, as always, use caution while traveling through the work zone and please watch for workers.

This work is in preparation for the staging of traffic south of Huntington/Bunker Hill Road scheduled to occur the week of November 19. Once staged, work can begin on the installation of the east retaining wall, half of the pedestrian underpass, and box culvert.

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The backup on Randall heading south was so bad last Tuesday, I went through the Jewel parking lot and took Algonquin Road.


Randall Road Backups Begin — 3 Comments

  1. Last year, an entire article about an ‘anonymous’ poster, was posted here – because I contested one of your friends’ ideas that the Randall expansion is a bad idea.

    “The backup on Randall heading south was so bad last Tuesday, I went through the Jewel parking lot and took Algonquin Road.”

    This happens every weekend. It often takes thirty minutes to travel to the tollway from McHenry Avenue.
    The Randall corridor needs expansions to promote countywide growth.

    “Shop Crystal Lake”, I agree.

  2. Randall Road should have been rebuilt as a freeway from Algonquin Road south to I88 about 50 years ago with frontage roads along the entire length well before all of the development began.

    IDOT has been behind the eight ball for many decades with regards to long range planning.

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