Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Planning Tax Cut for Next Year

Tonight is the monthly Algonquin Township Board meeting at the Township Hall.

Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser cut his levy 5% last year.

The last year that predecessor Bob Miller was in office, his levy was cut 3%.

The first budget of successor Gasser it was reduced 5%:

Let’s look at the tax levy numbers for the last four years first:

The Algonquin Township Road District levy for taxes collected in 2015.

The Algonquin Township Road District tax levy for taxes collected in 2016.

The Algonquin Township Road District tax levy for taxes collected in 2017.

The Algonquin Township Road District tax levy for taxes collected in 2018.

Let’s summarize.

Here are the bottom lines for the four tax collection years and proposed for next year.

Tax levies for the tax collection years of 2015-2019. The 2019 figure is proposed.

But Gasser’s proposal is also interesting beneath its bottom line reduction of 1.8%, coming after his 5% tax cut last year.

The Road District levied for six funds throughout recent years.

Tax protest suits have been file because of excessive accumulation.

As a result, Gasser figured that any levy for three of the fund would result in tax protesters winning.

So, he cut their levies to $10 apiece.

Tax levy requests for each of the funds in the Algonquin Township Road District.

Gasser said he set the three levies at $10 after consultation with new auditor George Roach.

Details of the tax protest loss and fund accumulations for the taxes collected in 2015 (the 2014 tax year) can be found in this article:

Algonquin Township Loses 2014 Property Tax Protest Case, Excessive Taxation Found

Judge Thomas Meyer found

  • The Social Security Fund was 2.82 times too high.
  • IMRF accumulations were 2.17 times higher than they should have been.
  • The Audit Fund was an astonishing 24.33 times higher than could be justified.

The Illinois General Assembly has since passed legislation allowing townships to have two and a half times the amount spent in a year.


Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Planning Tax Cut for Next Year — 11 Comments

  1. Sounds good, but what about all the legal fees? Is payment of those being accounted for in the commissioner’s budget or are those expenses showing up on the township’s portion of the tax bill?

  2. From the Alg twh Hwy Dept:

    2017-18 Total Appropriation = $4,196,200, Millers last Budget

    2018-19 Total Appropriation = $4,639,450, Gassers present Budget

    What will be proposed for the 2019-20 Total Appropriation?

    How much longer can Gasser cut his levy while spending more than Miller did?

    The extra $$$$ from the major intersection improvement Silver Lake at CL Ave that Miller had put aside can only last so long.

    With Gasser increasing the number of roads and mileage maintained, how long before service will have to be cut for lack of funding?

    Kind of a coincidence that this comes out the same day as when a major union protest will be held at the AT meeting tonight against Gasser ignoring the courts ruling.
    Very timely. LOL

  3. Does Gassers Levy inconsideration of the court ordered reinstatement of the fired employees and union wages?

  4. This is why we elected Gasser.

    He continues to cut taxes.

    Everyone knows he continues to drain the swamp that was left for him.

  5. Why refer people to a closed Facebook site?

    Instead just copy and paste what you want people to see.

  6. I cannot view the link above. It says it is not a public group.

    Can anyone see inside?

  7. CAL – why are you not reporting on the City of Crystal Lake tax reduction? You have complained about Crystal Lake (and local) taxes for years.

  8. I’m sorry, that link above was just a guy driving by the Alg twh offices last night, it was odd to see so many Rat’s for the protest against our Rat.
    Spotting one 15-foot-tall inflatable rat at a union protest in McHenry County would be a rare sighting.
    On Wednesday night, lined along the stretch of Route 14 in front of the Algonquin Township Highway Department, there were 10.

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