David McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill Passes Senate

State Rep. David McSweeney’s House Bill 4637 was voted out of the Illinois State Senate Executive Committee today by a vote of 11-5

Who voted how is below:

The Senate Executive Committee’s vote on State Rep. David McSweeney’s township abolition by referendum bill was 11-5.  I don’t recognize any of the affirmative votes as bring from Republicans.

The bill passed the Illinois House by an 80-22-1 vote:

House Bill 4637 roll call. The bill would allow abolition of township government by voter referendum.



David McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill Passes Senate — 13 Comments

  1. This guy could not write a good piece of legislation if (you know the saying).

    More garbage legislation with unintended consequences.

    The guy poses as a Republican and pushes Legislation which will definitely increase property tax or worse cause the creation of a new revenue stream.

    Is McSweeney totally in Jack’s / Mike’s pocket or is he really that dumb?

  2. Come on Cal, it’s a misleading title.
    It should read more like:
    David McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill Vote Passes out of Senate Committee.
    Mostly Dem wanting to kill any type of base Republican’s have I’d say.

  3. Finally a decent State Rep!

    Way to go Rep. McSweeney. Unlike Reick, Tryon or Wheeler, RINO-People, or our self-touting Jackal.

    We need townships like we need typewriters and horse buggy whips. They just cost us $$$$$$$ with pensions, nepotism, graft and corruption!

  4. In certain Townships, the Assessor consistently assigns high values to property compared to the contiguous Township.

    Townships adjacent to chronically low-assessed property Townships (as borne out by the coefficients of dispersion and the high Equalization Factors applied to them year after year) will see an opportunity to lower their own taxes by having a new Assessor, one who assesses by lower standards and results in lower property taxes.

    Homeowners in Townships which assess chronically on the low side are being subsidized by other Townships.

    If THAT is stopped, it is worth it to ‘over-assessed’ taxpayers even if Township costs increase.

  5. This bill only applies to McHenry County.

    It would allow either a citizen petition to be placed on the ballot following getting the necessary number of valid signatures, or the township board could vote to place the resolution on the ballot.

    If it passes, all township functions would be taken over by the county.

    Will the McHenry Township Board take this up next?

  6. Illinois Policy Institute

    Nepotistic Hires Highlight Township Government Waste

    by Joe Kaiser

    June 18, 2018


    Applying strictly to McHenry County, House Bill 4637 would relax the burdensome requirements that come with getting a binding consolidation referendum onto a ballot.

    As it stands now, to eliminate a township through referendum, voters are required to collect petition signatures from 10 percent of registered voters in each township in the county.

    HB 4637 reduces the signature requirement to a number amounting to just 5 percent of voters who voted in the last comparable election – only in the township for which consolidation is being pursued.”

    There’s more in the article about McHenry County.

  7. If not for township’s where would all the losers who failed so miserably in private secter find employment. Check road district employees driving records see who’s passing by your bus stop.

  8. What a moron, the voters already made their decision and Sweeney thinks that getting rid of the whole township will work? It will get voted down 3 to 1 Mark my words. This guy Couldn’t pass a bill so he goes after this…

  9. If this was such a great idea why not make it go for the whole state? Because this isn’t really a good idea.
    This is a Deal Bill. McSweeney, you made a deal, didn’t you? Noticed you didn’t have an opponent this time when you should have.
    Was that the deal you made? This stupid Bill in order to let you sail thru another election?

    Yes, I do believe I am correct.

  10. Hypothetical situation: It’s a Republican primary for Senate in 2020 and McSweeney and Ives are both running.

    Who do you vote for?

    …Let’s add Joe Walsh to the mix to and repeat the previous question.

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