Algonquin Township Board Seems to Want Another Lawsuit

Kirk Allen of Illinois Leaks writes of last night’s Algonquin Township Board meeting.  His article is printed here with permisison:

Algonquin Township Board asks to get sued again –

Algonquin Township (ECWd) –

At this evening’s Algonquin Township Board Meeting (11-14-2018), the Board voted to refuse payment on some of the Road District’s bills, stating they would welcome another lawsuit for nonpayment because it would then “open the Road District up for discovery” in the future lawsuit.

Let me say that a different way: The Township voted to not pay legitimate bills in the hopes that they can get sued again, so they can expend more funds by paying the Township’s and Road District’s attorneys in a lawsuit over legitimate bills already incurred.

They can no longer legitimately argue about the costs of litigation, when they specifically invited another lawsuit.

I found it quite telling, that when a Trustee discussed something that might have painted the Road District Commissioner in a somewhat good light, it was met with a Motion to End Discussion.

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Algonquin Township Board Seems to Want Another Lawsuit — 10 Comments

  1. “Atty” Kelley feeds on it like an amoeba feeds on slime.

  2. Thanks for the update Kirk, like we didn’t already know they are idiots.

    Dave, is it time yet?

  3. On a separate note altogether,
    John Kraft is an opportunistic hack.

  4. And THIS sets precedence! Thanks Alg Township, you just left yourself open to lose lawsuits!

  5. I think this is worth see if you had not so far:
    11/15/18, Cary Grove Politics, Rachael Lawrence:
    Honestly the worst thing about Kirk Allen and John Kraft is that they have done SO much GOOD in so many places, but they’ve invested too much work into Algonquin Township for too long to take a step back and see the big picture. I honestly feel a little sorry for them both, because it’s almost as if they’re too far “in” to turn around now, or even fathom the notion that they were used. Just like a looooong line of others. They can’t or won’t admit they might have been wrong–about ANYTHING. It’s a shame, because I truly believe they started out on this journey with good intentions, but somehow somewhere, those lines got blurred. OR, maybe it’s just too lucrative for them to resist now. Who knows.

  6. “the nob” – we hear that everywhere we go when somebody does like what we write. This is no different, she didn’t like ONE article we wrote, now she writes this drivel.

  7. John Kraft has become a whore. For attention and apparently now for $$$ too.

  8. Ricky: We hear that all the time also, but it has no substance.

  9. sub·stance [ˈsəbstəns] NOUN substances (plural noun)
    #3 the quality of being important, valid, or significant.
    “he had yet to accomplish anything of substance”
    the quality of having a solid basis in reality or fact.
    “the claim has no substance”
    the quality of being dependable or stable.
    “some were inclined to knock her for her lack of substance”
    wealth and possessions.
    “a woman of substance”
    wealth · fortune · riches · affluence · prosperity · money · capital · means · resources · assets · property · estates · possessions
    Whore’s take $$$$ for their work, so there is some substance.
    That name is kind of over the top, this fits better:
    op·por·tun·ist [ˌäpərˈt(y)o͞onəst]
    a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.
    “most burglaries are committed by casual opportunists”

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