Union Members Demonstrate at Algonquin Township

Local 150 isn’t happy with Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

Last night a truck with a lighted sign showed up at the Algonquin Township Board meeting.

An attempt to shame Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser was mounted at the Wednesday night Algonquin Township Board meeting.

Not only was there a lighted sign, but folks stood on Route 14 with signs and an inflated rat.

Local 150 supporters get points for standing outside in the cold.

Both sides of the street were covered.

A view of the demonstration.


Union Members Demonstrate at Algonquin Township — 9 Comments

  1. Does AG have a strategy here? Is he just going to escaoe to Mississippi or where ever and let someone mop this up? It’s still unfathomable to be that he blew this. 😑

  2. Do you show up with a mob, billboards, signs, and giant balloons because you think you’ve won? Do you organize a protest for a public meeting demanding the board put a stop to this because you’re confident that an appeal will be ruled in your favor? Do you demand a board to act illegally because your true concern is the spending of tax dollars, the fired employee’s future, or the township resident’s? Union 150 has an agenda that does not include us. To think that they’re not self-serving is foolish.

  3. The giant rat is a badge of bullying.
    Also, don’t forget that lazy, bad employees are equally protected!
    Who is really the giant rat?

  4. Begging for your job back??? Milage adding up on your truck?? Christmas presents not free thi year,need a new tote bag??sweater?vacation?? You people are gypsies and self serving hypocrites. No shame.

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