Message of the Day – A Sweatshirt

Found at the First Church’s  (First United Methodist Church’s) Trunk or Treat the third weekend of October:

This sweatshirt says, “I am currently unsupervised.  I know, it freaks me out too.  But the possibilities are endless!”

The person wearing the sweatshirt was on his way to sit in the driver’s seat of the fire engine that Marty Walter bought from the Village of Lakewood after it decided to dump its privatized fire protection.

Kids stood in line for their chance to sit in the driver’s seat of Marty Walter’s fire engine.



In the beginning, some were allowed to pull the horn, but it was too loud for some of the youngsters with special needs, who were allowed at the event all by themselves for the first hour of the three-hour Sunday afternoon event.

There were a good number of vehicles offering treats.

Some of the cars and vans that offered goodies to the kids.

Here’s my favorite costume:

Preschooler pushes garbage can.



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