Cary Grade School District Holding Meeting to Explain Next Year’s Tax Levy

Tax districts are required to place “black border” ads in the paper to notify residents if they plan to increase their tax levies more than 5%.

Cary Grade School District 26 is not increasing its levy 5% or more, but its Board still put such an ad in the Northwest Herald:

Cary Grade School Board notice of its next year’s property tax levy.

Reading it, I was surprised that an add that was not required was in the paper.

The whole levy is increasing less than half of the 5% increase threshold at which a “black border” ad is required.

The D26 tax take will increase 2.41% next year.

Operating spending is going up 3.01%, while payment for debt service is decreasing 1.91%.

The meeting will be Monday, November 19th, at the Cary Junior High School at 2101 Crystal Lake Road.


Cary Grade School District Holding Meeting to Explain Next Year’s Tax Levy — 7 Comments

  1. Even though it was NOT required by law, we published a Truth in Taxation Hearing Notice in order to be overly communicative to our community.

    The hearing will be held tonight (11/19).

    The Notice reflects the maximum increase under CPI, plus new growth.

    The Board will act to determine the appropriate operating levy amount for next year that may range from what was reflected in the notice down to a flat levy.

    The debt service levy already reflects a net decrease over prior year due to the $4 million the Board set aside last year to defease a portion of the District’s remaining debt.

    Personally, I would like to see us deliver a net tax decrease again for the third consecutive year to the average taxpayer.

  2. If they are having a hearing, they are required to post it in the paper and the border is required to be 1/4 inch solid black. We have stopped tax levy increases for a failure to have it published properly.

    (35 ILCS 200/18-80)
    Sec. 18-80. Time and form of notice. The notice shall appear not more than 14 days nor less than 7 days prior to the date of the public hearing. The notice shall be no less than 1/8 page in size, and the smallest type used shall be 12 point and shall be enclosed in a black border no less than 1/4 inch wide. The notice shall not be placed in that portion of the newspaper where legal notices and classified advertisements appear. The notice shall be published in substantially the following form:
    Notice of Proposed Property Tax Increase for … (commonly known name of taxing district).
    I. A public hearing to approve a proposed property tax levy increase for … (legal name of the taxing district)… for … (year) … will be held on … (date) … at … (time) … at … (location).
    Any person desiring to appear at the public hearing and present testimony to the taxing district may contact … (name, title, address and telephone number of an appropriate official).
    II. The corporate and special purpose property taxes extended or abated for … (preceding year) … were … (dollar amount of the final aggregate levy as extended, plus the amount abated by the taxing district prior to extension).
    The proposed corporate and special purpose property taxes to be levied for … (current year) … are … (dollar amount of the proposed aggregate levy). This represents a … (percentage) … increase over the previous year.
    III. The property taxes extended for debt service and public building commission leases for … (preceding year) … were … (dollar amount).
    The estimated property taxes to be levied for debt service and public building commission leases for … (current year) … are … (dollar amount). This represents a … (percentage increase or decrease) … over the previous year.
    IV. The total property taxes extended or abated for … (preceding year) … were … (dollar amount).
    The estimated total property taxes to be levied for … (current year) … are … (dollar amount). This represents a … (percentage increase or decrease) … over the previous year.
    Any notice which includes any information not specified and required by this Article shall be an invalid notice.
    All hearings shall be open to the public. The corporate authority of the taxing district shall explain the reasons for the proposed increase and shall permit persons desiring to be heard an opportunity to present testimony within reasonable time limits as it determines.
    (Source: P.A. 92-382, eff. 8-16-01.)

  3. Here is the URL to the agenda for tonight’s school board meeting at Cary Elementary District 26:

    Once at that URL, click on:

    “Monday, November 19, 2018

    Regular Board of Education Meeting”


    Then click on “View the Agenda” or “Print the Agenda”.


    Attachments to many agenda items are accessible by scrolling over agenda items, and then clicking on the item.


    There are several agenda items pertaining to levy related items.


    There is also an agenda item to vote on the teachers contact

    That’s Agenda Item 8.1, Approval of New Negotiated Agreement between the Board of Education and Cary Education Association.

    Here is a link to the document under that agenda item:$file/Summary_of_Tentative_Agreements%2011.14.18.pdf

    The document is titled:

    Summary of Major Economic Tentative Agreements Between the Board of Education and The Cary Education Association


    This would be a great board meeting to attend if:

    – You are a Cary District 26 property taxpayer.

    – You are interested in running for school board in any district in Illinois.

    – You are concerned about high property taxes and live anywhere in Illinois (school districts make up more than 1/2 of the property tax bill).


    Seating may be limited.

    It’s common for a lot of teachers to attend a board meeting that includes a vote on the teaches contract.

  4. (35 ILCS 200/18-56)
    Sec. 18-56. Legislative purpose. The purpose of this Law is to require taxing districts to disclose by publication and to hold a public hearing on their intention to adopt an aggregate levy in amounts more than 105% of the amount of property taxes extended or estimated to be extended, including any amount abated by the taxing district prior to such extension, upon the final aggregate levy of the preceding year.

    105% as Cal and Mr Coffey have more or less stated.

  5. Yes Robin, the hearing is REQUIRED when there is a 105% increase or more. However, when a public body chooses to hold a hearing even though they are not required, all aspects of the hearing notice must be followed. If the border is smaller than 1/4″ inch that opens a door to stop the increase for improper publication. Many papers print 1/8 border to save money and that makes the publication deficient. All of those factors are contingent on the school providing proper notice to the paper on how it is suppose to be published.

  6. If they changed the name from Hearing to Meeting would you still be nit picking them Kirk?

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