Coffee with Crystal Lake Police Chief Tuesday

From the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Fraud and ATM Skimming is the topic at the next Coffee with the Chief on Tuesday, November 20th

Free and open to all:

You are cordially invited to join Chief James Black and members of the Crystal Lake Police Department for coffee, conversation, and an educational program.

Coffee with the Chief provides residents with an opportunity to personally meet with their Police Chief and other police representatives in a friendly, casual and informal setting.

Residents will learn about current crime related topics, discuss community matters of interest and get to know Chief Black and his staff.

At this segment of Coffee with the Chief, members of the Crystal Lake Police Department’s Investigations Division will present an educational program on Fraud and ATM Skimming.

This program is scheduled for Tuesday, November 20th from 6pm to 7pm at the Crystal Lake Police Department, 100 W Woodstock Street. Seating is limited, RSVP to Officer Ed Pluviose (815) 356-3731 or by email at


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  1. Good topic.


    Looking into the compensation and unfunded pension liabilities for those mentioned in the article.

    James Black is the current Police Chief in Crystal Lake and retired from the Downers Grove Police Department.

    $164,486 Annual Salary as Crystal Lake Chief of Police (5 years creditable service)

    $072,251 Annual Pension from Downers Grove Police Pension Fund (25 years creditable service)

    $236,737 Annual compensation


    – $600 clothing allowance for one year.

    – $22,009 Life / Health / Dental Insurance for one year.

    – 27 vacation days granted for the year.

    – 12 sick days granted for the year.



    Illinois Department of Insurance

    Public Pension Division

    Reporters / Orders

    Pension Data Portal

    Annual Statement (December 31, 2017 for Downers Grove; April 30, 2018 for Crystal Lake).

    and the

    Public Act 097-0609 Compliance Report on the City of Crystal Lake’s Finance website.


    The Downers Grove Police pension fund is:

    – a “Downstate” police pension fund.

    – classified as a “local” pension fund, as opposed to a “state” pension fund.

    – All Downstate Police and Downstate Fire pension funds are considered local pension funds.

    – funded by Downers Grove property taxpayers.

    – 57% funded as of the 2017 Village of Downers Grove CAFR (the calculation follows)

    – $55,608,673 plan fiduciary net position / $98,372,229 total pension liability.

    – 57% funded means 57 cents of every dollar that should be in the fund, is actually in the fund.

    – Downers Grove property taxpayers owe $42,763,556 to the pension fund. That is the net pension
    liability, also known as the unfunded liability. The calculation follows.

    – $98,372,229 total pension liability – $55,608,673 plan fiduciary net position = $42,763,556 unfunded

    Source for the pension data:

    – pdf page 90 of 209.


    The state of Illinois does not have a state income tax on pensions or retirement income.


    Police Officer Edgard Pluviose Jr compensation (began the job 9/15/2008, so he’s been on the job 10 years):

    $094,744 Base Wages

    $014,922 Overtime Wages (May 1, 2017 to April 13, 2018).

    $109,666 Sub-total (Base Wages + Overtime Wages)

    $600 clothing allowance.

    $13,405 Life / Health / Dental Insurance

    17 Vacation Days Granted for the year.

    12 Sick Days Granted for the year.


    Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund

    $66,762,044 Total Pension Liabilty

    $36,887,708 Plan Fidiciary Net Position

    $29,874,336 Net Pension Liability (unfunded liability)

    Thus the Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund is 55% funded ($36,887,708 / $66,762,044 = 55%).

    For every dollar that should be in the pension fund (as calculated by an actuary), 55 cents is actually in the fund.

    That’s pretty close to Downers Grove, which was 57% funded.


    How does Crystal Lake and Downers Grove cut property taxes and fully fund pensions?

    Haven’t heard any ideas from Jack Franks.

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