Jack Franks Starts Taking Legislative Pension

Former State Rep.  Jack Franks, now Chairman of the McHenry County Board, commenced receiving his legislative pension in October.

Here are the details provided by the letter authorizing the payments starting last month:

Former St. Rep. Jack Franks’ pension approval letter.



Jack Franks Starts Taking Legislative Pension — 18 Comments

  1. $4,885.19 monthly pension x 12 months per year = $58,622 annual pension.

    There’s no state income tax on retirement income in Illinois.

    The pension is for 18 years as a State Representative (Jan 1999 – Jan 2017).

    Now the County Board Chair salary is $82,200 per the county’s salary compensation report.

    $82,200 salary + $58,622 pension = $140,822.

    Plus the County share of health insurance is $20,620.

    Plus the County share of dental insurance is $1,230.

  2. And taxpayers of McHenry County pay for the bully’s healthcare insurance!

    Current pay package (excluding mileage reimbursements etc.) is $104,050.20.

    And they say that the Democratics are for the working people!

    Forget about the Townships folks – the real problem is the public sector pension guarantees established by the voters of this state.

  3. Mark and Out of Towner, your numbers don’t match? But as republicans you can just post whatever you want…

  4. Just curious Cal- care to share your pension payment? and for how long you have been receiving it?
    How about Nick Provensano’s? Pam’s? Mike Tron? Ken Koehler?

    Don’t get me wrong- I think the idea of getting a pension for public service is unnecessary- but You can not throw shade to someone who is doing the same thing you are.

  5. $082,200 salary +

    $020,620 health insurance +

    $001,230 dental

    $104,050 Total

    $058,622 Pension (for 18 years as a State Representative)

    $162,672 Grand Total

  6. Mary Margaret Maule all the talk of Pensions is pertinent, but the greatest concern is what the School Districts and Teacher’s Union has done with Pensions. After all, the Teachers taught the politicians everything they know, Right?

  7. Nob –
    But Cal was a “full time legislator” (whatever that means) so he deserves a pension. . .

  8. The difference between Cal and Pam (which has she put in for her retirement?), Jack etc. Is that Jack is still holding a public office and collecting a pension! Now you are going to have Jack Franks, Pam Althoff, and John Jung collecting pensions while still holding a elected position! That is the difference!

  9. dentbla: Was Angel your teacher? Read and comprehend – the numbers match perfectly.

    Who told you we are both Republicans?

  10. The other difference is that Cal didn’t go on a tear over the County Board Member pensions and use that to help springboard him into the Chairman position. That was the first salvo in his campaign (after he had declared that he would not run for the position if it was created).

    The only other politician who lies more than Franks is sitting in the Oval Office.

  11. **The other difference is that Cal didn’t go on a tear over the County Board Member pensions and use that to help springboard him into the Chairman position. **

    LOL – not sure where you’ve been, but Cal attacks other people’s pensions (other than his own) all the time.

  12. Cal has posted his pension plenty of times.

    Posting a pension is not attacking a pension.

    Taxpayers fund the pensions and thus taxpayers are entitled to know know how their money is spent.

    Mr. Skinner provides, and allows, plenty of transparency about pensions.

    More than the Democrat operative blog of choice, CapitolFax.

  13. Why are government pension payments allowed earlier than age 62 or 66? Earliest age for “government” Social Security pensions is 62 and with penalties. Full retirement age for Social Security without penalty is 66+ age.

    No government pension, whether SS, teachers, administrators, politicians, other government workers should begin earlier than age 62, just like SS. If laws were changed to start at 62 or 66, then there would be better chance to get “government” pension funds at full 100 percent funding level.

  14. **Cal has posted his pension plenty of times.**

    Where? Links please?

    **More than the Democrat operative blog of choice, CapitolFax.**


  15. Wasted an entire career slaving away in the Public Sector, when I should have held out for a solid position as a toady or hanger-on, in a slow pace political entourage.

  16. dentbla, you might want to go over that comparison again. Whoever your teachers were, don’t deserve their pensions.

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