McClellan Spending to Urge People to Vote

Literally millions of dollars were spent by congressional candidates running in the 6th and 14th districts, yet McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan decided she had to offer more encouragement to vote.

The result was the following sticker on the front page of the Northwest Herald:

the sticker that McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan paid $1,545 to have posted on the front page of the Northwest Herald on the Sunday before the election.

$295 half-page ad that McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan placed in the Northwest Herald the Sunday before the election urging people to vote.

Here’s the cost:

The cost of a sticker and ad placed by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan to urge people to vote.


McClellan Spending to Urge People to Vote — 7 Comments

  1. That’s Probably more than ILGOP put into Republican candidates.

    Dem TV commercials and other ads were 20 to 1 over Reps in many areas across the state.

    Is ILGOP just so arrogant? Or have they perhaps just capitulated?

  2. Well, let’s see. McHenry County Chair is Jack Franks (D). Northwest Herald has become a complete leftist publication. Note I DID NOT say newspaper. It is an opinion piece publication. The NWH does all in its power to support Mr. Franks. Ms. McClellan (who is often seen being supported by Mr. Franks) finds ways to funnel money (tax payer money) to the NWH. And round and round it goes. OK, Ms. McClellan, if you (a supposed Republican) chose to support Mr. Franks, and the NWH, that is your business. Just DO NOT DO IT WITH OUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS! And DO NOT do it as a representative of County government. Dreadful behavior. Is this actually legal?

  3. The Herald is a worthless rag and McClellan … worse than worthless.

  4. Informed and responsible citizens are well aware of the candidates and issues and voting day and do not need to be reminded. Those on tv, radio, and other media who “remind” people to vote bring out stupid people to the polls. We would be best served without any reminders.

  5. According to today’s NW Herald, McClellan put in her name for consideration for a vacant associate judgeship in McHenry County.

    So did “Chinless Joe” Gottemoller.

    I guess the courts are the new last refuge for failed politicians.

  6. Two separate ads, 2 different election dates! Nov. 6 and Nov 8. Please explain.

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