MCCD Police Chief Retires — 19 Comments

  1. You’ve got to be kidding! And wondering why our taxes are so high!

  2. So is this the guy who “rakes the floor of the forest” to present forest fires?

  3. Good god. Even this article gets negative comments?

    Life must be really tough to live in such an angry, negative space constantly.

  4. Smart guy, made a good career move and made the best of it. Did the job he was required to do and now gets the reward.

  5. That police department shouldn’t even exist.

    It’s every bit as ridiculous as all the podunk federal agencies that have their own police forces.

    It’s a classic case of empire building by the MCCD.

    They should be disbanded, and the Sheriff should take over their duties.

  6. Why can’t the Sheriff patrol the MCCD properties just like he does all other property located in the County? The vast majority of the property is located in rural areas and vacant.
    Same goes for the CL Park District cops, why can’t the CLPD and Sheriff patrol those properties?
    Ridiculous spending of taxpayer money.

  7. Add McHenry County College to the list! We have more cops per person in McHenry County than any other County in Illinois and we pay for it with our outrageous real estate taxes.

  8. Please don’t use common sense regarding the number of McHenry County police departments and the their large number of supervisors and bureaucrats. This would lead to a reduction in our property taxes. We can’t have that, bigger government is always better.

  9. Neither the Sheriff nor the CL police will get out of their cars to walk the back areas of theses sites where a lot of drug trafficking can go on and where suicides have occurred.

  10. –too bad his huge and largely unearned pension will be cut to 34 cents on the dollar, just like the Detroit firemen!

    He did catch some high school smoking grass once in ’05, and caught somebody poaching a wild turkey in ’97. That’s about it for his stellar record.

    When the state goes down the tubes, he’ll be angry about the pension haircut! Oh, yes, it’s gonna come. Even the retired judges in a separate pension scheme will be hit. Can’t wait!

  11. The Drug House on CL’s Short St. is infamous, can the Chief go there for a final sweep, the CL cops protect it for some reason. It started when Nygren was Chief of CLPD, and continues to this very day!

  12. This was supposed a nice article about a guy who retired after years of service.

    This is why Illinois is bankrupt! All these sweet pensions that the private sector canned long, long ago.

    It makes me sick. Does this guy get social security on top of the sweet pension, too?

  13. This article and comments shows rotten Illinois is!

    A lifetime ‘career’ of uselessness.

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