McSweeney’s Township Consolidation Bill Approved by the General Assembly

Illinois State Representative David McSweeney issued a press release today on the passage of his bill to eliminate townships.  You can read it below.

David McSweeney

General Assembly
November 29, 2018
Contact: Rep. David McSweeney

McSweeney’s Township Consolidation Bill Approved by the General Assembly

Springfield, IL – McHenry County residents are one step closer to scaling back local government now that State Rep. David McSweeney’s (R-Barrington Hills) legislation to make it easier for voters in McHenry County to eliminate townships has passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly.

House Bill 4637 applies only to the 17 townships in McHenry County and provides a referendum process for voters to dissolve the townships. Voters may submit a petition with signatures equaling at least 5 percent of the number of voters in a previous comparable election. Additionally, the trustees of any township in McHenry County may submit a resolution calling for a referendum on the dissolution the township. In both cases, if a simple majority of voters agree to abolish a township, the township would be dissolved at least 90 days after the election. The duties and assets of the township government would then be absorbed by McHenry County or municipal governments. Residents of the dissolved township would see a property tax cut as any taxes levied by the County for that area could not exceed more than 90% of the taxes levied by the former township government. ‎

“The key to lowering property taxes is eliminating any redundant layers of government that exist among the nearly 7,000 taxing bodies functioning in Illinois,” McSweeney said. “Taxpayers should have more tools at their disposal to make determinations about how to scale back government bodies and bring down costs.”

HB 4637 further works to eliminate excessive government by requiring townships in Lake and McHenry Counties to dissolve any road districts that maintain less than 15 miles. The effective date of the legislation is June 1, 2019.

HB 4637 was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Terry Link (D-Gurnee) and passed the Senate on a vote of 33-16. It previously passed the House on a vote of 80-22 in April and passed the House again on a concurrence vote of 78-23. The legislation will be sent to the Governor.



McSweeney’s Township Consolidation Bill Approved by the General Assembly — 7 Comments

  1. Yippie! Finally a politician who couldn’t be bought off. Unlike RINOs Reick, Althoff & Barb Wheeler!

  2. Beautiful!

    McSweeney didn’t need to curry favors w/ Township Officials of Illinois and their rancid tripe about how great Townships are.

    THANK YOU Rep. McSweeney!

    DOWN WITH RINO-REICK! He voted against the taxpayers— once again!

  3. Now it will be interesting to see:

    (1) If the Gov will veto it like he did with the legislation that would have allowed the Chairman of the McHenry County Board to pick committees which he did on the grounds that it singled out one county;

    (2) if he doesn’t and it becomes law, will the McHenry Township Board, which has at least three members on it that are opposed to township government including Bob Anderson, vote to place a resolution to abolish the township on the ballot for next year’s Consolidated Election?

    BTW: There should not be a legal problem with the bill as the Constitution merely provides that townships can be abolished by referendum in the area affected but does not provide a mechanism for that (ie, forms of petitions, signatures required etc). Legislation can be enacted which provides that mechanism. That’s what this does..

  4. LadyJane: Barb Wheeler did not vote on the bill and Althoff resigned.

    The RINO here is McSweeney – he is the one that works for the ‘Liar’.

    This bill, like most of McSweeney’s bills, is a piece of legislative trash.

    The bill had 7 proponents and 204 opponents.

    Let us hope that Rauner vetoes it.

    Any bill written for two Townships is similar to legislation written specifically for Cook County or Chicago – it is the result of ‘machine politics Madigan style’ and should never have seen the light of day.

    Thank you Mr. Reick for having the wisdom to do what you did.

  5. Out of Towner, Barb “Babs” Wheeler and Queen Pam Althoff are indeed RINOs. Lady is right about that.

    And Reick is a loser of the first water.

    He really needs to take care of his health issues.

    He’s already asking people to support his run for Congress in ’20

  6. Good Job McSweeney!

    We need townships like we need holes in our heads or higher taxes.

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