Mary McClellan Seeks Another Perch on the Public Payroll, Joe Gottemoller Also Applies

Joe Gottemoller

Mary McClellan

A press release from the Illinois Supreme Court reveals that former McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan seeks to be appointed an Associate McHenry County Circuit Court Judge.

She ran for the Republican Party nomination for Circuit Court Judge last spring and came in third with 25% of the vote.

She apparent;y has been working for Commonwealth Edison while serving as County Clerk.

Another political figure interesting in being appointed an Associate Judge is former County Boar Chairman Joe Gottemoller, who lost his seat on the County Board in November’s election.


Here re the applicants listed in the press release:

Sole practitioners

The seal of the 22nd Circuit Court.

  • William J Bligh
  • Steven W. Jaenicki
  • Dawn M. Roth
  • Jeanette M. Schwemler


  • Jeffrey J. Altman (Donahue and Walsh)
  • Kevin A. Chzanowski (Zukowski, Rogers, Flood and McArdle)
  • Michael G. Cortina¬†(SmithAmundsen)
  • Michael J. Fleck (head of his own law firm)
  • Joseph Gottemoller (head of his own law firm)
  • Nicholas Johnson (Querrey and Harrow)
  • Thomas J. Kasper (Mohr, Sullivan and Kasper)
  • Cynthia D. Lamb (Campion, Curran, Lamb and Cunabaugh)
  • Hans A. Mast (Compton Law Group)
  • Mary E. McClellan (County Clerk when applied, associate with Com Ed)
  • Cynthia A. Schaupp (Walker Wilcox Matousek and Special Attorney General)
  • Thomas B. Spencer (Roth and Melei)

Assistant State’s Attorneys

  • Sharyl D. Eisenstein
  • Scott J. Jacobson
  • Robert J. Zalud

Each Circuit Court Judge gets a vote.


Mary McClellan Seeks Another Perch on the Public Payroll, Joe Gottemoller Also Applies — 13 Comments

  1. 4 years of bad decisions and Mary thinks she should be a Judge hahaha.

    The best think she should do is get out of politics.

    She is an IDIOT!!!

    WE can’t afford any more of her stupid ideas.

    If she became Judge she would hire her stupid husband as a bailiff.

    Another job he would screw up too…

  2. Why I’m not on this list is beyond belief.

    I already sit on bench, in my robe every A.M., passing judgement on this County’s F’wits.

    Between refereeing back yard squirrel fights and producing my fair share of dismissive half-assed snark, I’m the best choice here.

  3. I hear good things about Michael J. Fleck (head of his own law firm) and Robert Zalud from the states attys ofc.

  4. Do we really wants rejected politicians on the bench? McClellan was atrocious as clerk. They she ran for judge and came in 3rd out of 4 candidates in the primary. The only person she beat in the Republican primary was Ray Flavin, who ran as a Dem for State’s Attorney 2 years prior (and he got smoked). She was rejected. Joe lost to Walkup in the primary in 2016 then lost his board seat in 2018. He was rejected. I think we can do better than these two rejected pols.

  5. McClellan, a County Clerk who spent millions of our tax dollars advertising her Name and Image during the last election who couldn’t even come close to winning, and who has been scamming the taxpayers working another job during her term, doesn’t deserve coveted position as Judge.


    Gottemoller, a lawyer, multi-term County Board member who also served as interim County Board Chairman who cannot win his re-election is also a failure.

    No more failures. please, especially for a Judges seat!

  6. McClellan did not spent “millions of dollars advertising her name during the last election.

  7. I would think that Joe has the inside track on this one.

    He was offered to be allowed to fill the vacancy in District 3 but turned it down to pursue the judicial position, so maybe he knows something.

    He would make an excellent judge. Mary would obviously be a disaster. She has terrible temperament for such a position. We are all very lucky she performed so poorly as Clerk that she was not able to win the election despite being the only woman against three men.

  8. Okay I’ll take your word for it that it wasn’t as much as all that but then how much DID she spend?

    I along with every voter in the county got 4-5 mailers from the county regarding voting info, with the polling place changes and she spent a LOT on Newspaper and magazine ‘announcements’ for all the polling changes, advertising for election judges etc etc.

    Not to mention every stupid expo with swag .

    ALL with her identity.

    Every piece of that had her identity on it.

    Either her name or both name and pic.

    That had to be mucho dinero.

    Unprecedented amount, I’m sure.

  9. I’d hope neither one would be considered.

    We don’t need our courts dragged down with the likes of these two.

    McClellan can’t even spell or speak correctly and is of questionable character.

    Gottemoller acts all meely mouthed and mild mannered but is passive aggressive.

    I’ll never forget that vile email he sent out to all PCs saying certain people running for County GOP Leadership were ‘ruining the Republican Party’.

    No Gottemoller, it’s RINOs like you and McClellan that ruined the GOP.

    Gottemoller supported Reinert who had to pull out of the race against Wilcox because he got caught turning in bogus petitions!

  10. Who’s worse ……. McClellan or Gottemoller?

    That’s a real toughie!

  11. Mary also had a large poster with face and name on it right in the office where people were early voting in the clerks office.

    You looked right at it when you voted on some machines.

  12. Mr. Halverson, you rock!

    Keep telling the Truth and exposing the poseurs!

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