Lake County Right to Life Bemoans “Abortion Tourism”

From Lake County Right-To-Life:

Abortion Tourism Comes To Illinois

On November 19th, 2018 the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) published the 2017 abortion statistics for Illinois.

Here they are:

Illinois Department of Public Health 2017 abortion statistics

The report shows there were 39,329 abortions reported in Illinois for 2017.

This is an increase from 38,382 abortions in 2016.

Now you ask why the increase when abortions are decreasing across the country.

Lots of reasons.

IDPH reported an increase for residence of Illinois showing a very small increase of 0.5%.

However, out-of-state residence reported abortions increased by 21.6% from 2016.

Are we serious about protecting our unborn children in Illinois?

Personal PAC run by Terry Cosgrove spends HUGE amounts of money to elect pro-abortion Legislators in Illinois.

Personal PAC again cites a quote about rape that David McSweeney make when he was running for Congress in 2006. McSweeney’s stand on abortion is that he is opposed to it, except for rape, incest and to save the life of the mother.

The final panel of the Personal PAC mailing against David McSweeney.

Planned Parenthood (the Nations largest abortion provider) has a vested interest in Illinois, in fact they have promised 5 new abortion clinics across Illinois.

House Bill 40, which provides Medicaid funding of abortion in Illinois, was signed into law last year.

HB40 = taxpayer funding of abortion

Why is that important?

It means taxpayers are paying for all Medicaid abortions.

It means that Illinois has become an abortion tourism state!

It means women are coming into Illinois to have their abortions.

This is why the increase in out of state abortions are up to 5,528.

Illinois has once again become a dumping ground.

You will note there is a category labeled (UNKNOWN) the report shows that number is 969.

The reason its labeled UNKNOWN is because they don’t know if the abortion is done on residence or out-of-state women.

It does not take a genius to realize that Illinois abortions will only increase unless we do a better job in elections, support, and involvement in Lake County Right to Life.


Lake County Right to Life Bemoans “Abortion Tourism” — 8 Comments

  1. This why this whole, stupid blog needs to be shut down — advancing extremist hate-speech.

    McSweeney is not qualified to be a state rep. His views are extreme.

    Area Republican legislators like Pam Althoff and Steve Reick have mainline views: WHY CAN’T MILLIONAIRE DAVE McSWEENEY!

  2. I’ll vote for the person the local hacks and media label ‘extremist’ every time!

  3. Genna Hibbs brags about her homosexual affiliations on her own legal website!:

    Chicago Bar Association
    Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
    Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago
    National Association of Patent Practitioners

  4. I agree completely with Underwood now.

    Screw Free speech! Screw the first amendment!

    Screw the fact that there’s a lot of substantial discussion on this blog!

    If anybody says something stupid or insulting, the whole blog must be shut down!


    The best solution is found through open discussion, not by refusing to permit people to speak, even when you disagree with them significantly.

  5. I find it amazing that although physicians are required to fill out the mandatory form, so many are ‘unknown’ … also amazing is that the racial data filled out by the doctor is not reported at all in the report.

    How can this be?

    The report itself states that the data on abortion complications is ‘suppressed'[See very last line of report]!

    More censorship.

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