Open Meeting Act Violation by Algonquin Township Board

Here is what Illinois Leaks found by reading the Algonquin Township agenda for its last meeting and then listening to what the Board members did.  It is reprinted by permission.

Algonquin Township unanimously violates law

Algonquin Township, IL. (ECWd) –Apparently, this township finds it difficult to follow the most basic point of the open meetings law, that an item must be listed on the published agenda for action before it can be voted on. Listing it as a discussion item does not inform the public they are going to vote to take action on it – but that is precisely what happened.During the November 14, 2018, Algonquin Township Board of Trustees meeting, the board, among other things, violated the Open Meetings Act by voting on an item not listed on the Agenda as an actionable item.There was short discussion under the item “Discussion to participate collaborative community solar for public facilities” – which was on the agenda for discussion, not for action.The Board voted unanimously to participate.

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Open Meeting Act Violation by Algonquin Township Board — 5 Comments

  1. What does participation in the program mean, and since no $$$$ were spent is it really a big deal?

  2. In the simplest of terms, participation means to take part in.

    Legal Definition of participation

    1 : the action or state of taking part in something: as

    a : association with others in a relationship (as a partnership) or an enterprise usually on a formal basis with specified rights and obligations

    The issue is about whether or not this board will make an effort to follow the basic rules of order, of which they have not yet done.

  3. Frank did that rock throwing answer my question?

    Do you think people who get elected to these boards are some how super human like YOU and don’t make mistakes?

    This board over all does follow the rules, but makes some human errors along the way.

    Chuck should know better and a different lawyer would work.

    What about the two salt purchases that were never bid out properly?

  4. Jim Kelly knows all, sees all.

    How dare anyone question him, his grand ideas or his base motives.

    Kelly is wise beyond mere mortals.

    He is the Sage of FRG, and he can tell you all about it!

    But ask him him about the Heaton case, and see what the rat says.

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