Tonight Crystal Lake Council Incumbents Again To Try Remove Only Opponent from Ballot

The Municipal Officers Electoral Board of the City of Crystal Lake is meeting tonight at 7:30 to decide whether the three incumbent City Council members get a free ride to another four years in office.

At issue is whether challenged Robert S. Miller made petition filing mistakes sufficient to knock him off the ballot.

Those petitioning to take challenger Robert S. Miller off the ballot are current Council members

  • Ellen Brady
  • Cathy Ferguson
  • Brett Hopkins

They used the same strategy successfully four years ago.

Miller’s wife Dianne wrote two comments on McHenry County Blog:

The first on Friday:

The gang of three are at it again! (Hopkins, Brady and Ferguson)

My husband Robert Miller, running for Crystal Lake City Council, properly filed his petitions and supporting documentation.

He opened an email from the attorney for the Electoral Board this morning 12-7-18
(sent last night 12-6-18) saying his paperwork is being challenged.

The hearing is scheduled for Monday night 12-10-18.

Such short notice!

They are objecting saying

1 – he didn’t properly word what office he was running for and

2 – that his statement of economic interest was filed late (due to the county offices being closed because of the blizzard!)

They are nit picking yet again!!

What are these people so scared of?

I guess this group, that has been friends since high school doesn’t want their controlling “clique” to be broken by an honest citizen.

Mr. Miller had three times the petition signatures of Hopkins, Brady or Ferguson!

It’s time for this kind of politics to stop in Crystal Lake!

Easier to nit pick petitions than to spend money on an election and have to discuss the issues that are important to the citizens of Crystal Lake.

Shame on you all!!

The second on Saturday:

Do you care about fairness in Crystal Lake City Government?

How about having your voice heard?

Being able to actually VOTE for your choice for the members of the City Council?

Please join us at the City of Crystal Lake Electoral Board hearing MONDAY DECEMBER 10th 7:30 pm at City Hall.

Current City Council members Hopkins, Brady and Ferguson are objecting to nominating petitions that were filed by Robert S. Miller.

This is a blatant attempt to get rid of any competition and retain their seats for
4 more years without having an election.

No need to spend any money or debate the issues.

This also keeps YOU from being able to VOTE and choose your representatives!

Please join us and let the Electoral Board hear from YOU!

Help us keep Robert S. Miller on the ballot!

Members of the Electoral Board which will decide the electoral fate of Council candidate Miller are

  • Mayor Arron Shepley
  • City Clerk Kachiroubas
  • Councilman Ralph Dawson

Four years ago, the same technique was used to eliminate ballot competition for Shepley and the same three Council candidates.

You can read the results by clicking the article from December 11, 2014 below:
Shasha Chadwick was knocked off the ballot for Mayor and for City Council Jim Tomasello and Jeremy Krick.

This 2014 Crystal Lake Electoral Board kicked consisting of Councilman Ralph Dawson, Mayor Aaron Shepley and City Clerk Nick Kachiroubas kicked a City Council candidate challenger off the ballot.

Chadwick subsequently ran as a write-in candidate for Mayor.

CPA Sascha Chadwick received 997 votes.

Four-term incumbent Mayor Aaron Shepley got 2,428.

Four years ago, with no opponent, Shepley received 1,449 votes.


Tonight Crystal Lake Council Incumbents Again To Try Remove Only Opponent from Ballot — 10 Comments

  1. Isn’t this how they had elections in the U.S.S.R.with Joseph Stalin ?

    This looks like a clear case to defraud Mr. Miller from knocking out Shepley cronies off the City Council !

    Last time it was ” Paper Clips and page numbering” that disqualified a candidate for Mayor, now a snow storm.

    Perhaps it’s time for the F.B.I. to take a look at Crystal Lake City Hall and what’s going on there as it isn’t a private club for a select groups benefit ?

    I’m surprised Shepley doesn’t have his Mommy deciding this !

  2. This process as put forth is disgusting and unethical.

    Quite frankly, I will vote against anyone insecure enough to resort to it.

    Have enough pride in your record to leave it to the voters.

  3. It’s not unethical.

    There is a simple process with relatively clear rules.

    If you follow them, you’ll be fine.

    If you can’t follow the rules, that’s on you.

  4. Should take a look at issues with individual departments at the city, too!

  5. It’s unethical when it’s run by and overseen by the same cronies scratching each other’s backs over what may be petty issues.

    The tactic is pathetic, and meant to discourage fresh blood from participating in the community.

    Conflict of interest much?

  6. I don’t know if the blizzard excuse is going to hold water, but I hope this person gets on the ballot.

  7. They won.

    There were three issues on the table.

    The first issue was the timely filing of Robert’s “Statement of Economic Interests” receipt.

    Robert wasn’t able to obtain the receipt from McHenry County on the last day of filing, because of the blizzard. Their offices were closed.

    He was able to obtain it the day after the blizzard and the County Clerk backdated the form to be in compliance.

    The County Clerk called the City to advise them of the problem.

    The receipt was submitted to the City the morning after the last day of filing.

    The attorney for Hopkins, Brady and Ferguson argued that the law doesn’t allow for things such as bad weather.

    Unfortunately the Election Board agreed and voted that Robert should not be allowed on the ballot.

    The second issue was the specification of the office sought.

    Robert wrote on his papers “City Council”.

    The argument was that this wasn’t specific enough because the Mayor was a member of the City Council.

    Mayor Shepley agreed with Robert that everyone in Crystal Lake understands the difference between City Council and Mayor and they voted in favor of Robert.

    The third and last issue was the Election Date on Robert’s paperwork.

    The Election Board found that the incorrect date was only on his Statement of Candidacy, not the signature papers,
    so voters signing the signature papers could not have been confused.

    So the gang of three wins again.

    It was noted at the meeting that there were document submission problems with the paperwork filed by the other candidates. Had Robert known to obtain their paperwork, he would have made challenges and their names might have been removed from the ballot as well.

    They are all hypocrites.

    I spoke at the end of the hearing and chastised them saying they are abusing the process just to keep qualified candidates off the ballot.

    That way they don’t have to run a campaign, spend any money or debate the issues that are important to the citizens of Crystal Lake.

    My closing line was shame on each and every one of you!

    Robert is reviewing all of his options and will make a decision in the next few days.
    We thank everyone for their support and we hope to continue the fight to get his name on the ballot so
    YOUR voice can be heard!

  8. Interesting article and ‘Alabama Shakes’ probably Aaron Shepley.

    Nice comment by both ‘Dianne Miller’ and ‘Erik M’.

  9. LTRESIDENT also makes a strong comment.

    Something in violation of Illinois and/or Federal Criminal laws is going on that these hand picked Aaron Shepley cronies need to keep out others who then can investigate Crystal Lake from inside the government.

  10. ** AlabamaShake **

    Who’s using my old screen name! That’s pretty nefarious!

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