Jack Franks’ Hit Piece Smearing Ally’s Printer Ordered to Identify Perpetrators by Thursday

Breaker Press, the printer and mail house that sent defamatory post cards against McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio and four County Board candidates critical of Board Chairman Jack Franks has been order to reveal the identities of those responsible on Thursday.

Tirio attorney Philip Prossnitz explains what happened in Associate Judge Kevin Costello’s courtroom today.

After lengthy argument this morning the respondents request to stay the proceedings in the trial court and stay the requirement that they disclose the names of the people behind the Flyers reportedly by the Illinois Integrity Fund, was denied.

On behalf of Joe, I requested immediate disclosure on the record and in writing.

Respondents requested a 48-hour delay.

One of the Illinois Integrity Fund’s hit pieces, printed and mailed by Breaker Press, which Judge Kevin Costello ruled were defamtory per se,

The judge allowed it and respondents are now required to disclose the names of the persons responsible for the defamatory per se Flyers as originally ruled on November 29th, 2018, said disclosure to occur on or before noon on Thursday December 13th, 2018.

Natalie Harris, attorney for Breaker Press, is seeking a further delay by appealing the case to the Appellant Court.


Jack Franks’ Hit Piece Smearing Ally’s Printer Ordered to Identify Perpetrators by Thursday — 18 Comments

  1. Expect some kind of move in front of the Appellate Court.

    Real Justice in this country died a long long time ago.

  2. 48 Hours?

    Strange request!

    Then it dawned on me, in matter of minutes a bunch of neutered elected officials on the County Board will likely hand the LIAR everything he wants on a platter to the absolute detriment of the citizens in this County.

    The LIAR likely needed the 48 hour delay to delay the blowback from the revelation of who / what was behind the Tirio, Schuster, Wheeler, Rein, Brettman hit pieces.

    Just wondering.

  3. Franks is laughing it up right now.


    Because, there’s going to be an out-of-state (perhaps out-of-country) payor for the anti-Tirio filth.

    A payor “beyond the reach,” as we used to say in the SA’s office.

    Phil Prossnitz may have botched this by not going after Franks directly and getting him under oath, but then again Prossnitz is a certifiable legal genius:


    Olatunji James Oni, 27, previously pleaded guilty to unlawful delivery of a controlled substance for selling 1.2 grams of the drug in November 2013 near Bethany Lutheran Church. Because the sale occurred within 1,000 feet of a church, the charge is automatically enhanced to a Class X felony, meaning the mandatory minimum was six years.

    His defense attorney, Phil Prossnitz, said the amount of drugs was equivalent to a little more than that of a sugar packet, with a street value of about “120 bucks.” Prossnitz said that under any other circumstances, Oni could be eligible for probation. His charge was not eligible for probation.

    “This is overkill even at six years,” Prossnitz said.

  4. Even if he is out of state, so what?

    How is that bad, familyadoptee?

    I don’t expect the person who paid to be Jack himself but I still support Tirio’s quest to get the names.

    Your point about drugs is completely irrelevant and not an argument.

  5. I’m sure Prossnitz will demand to see the paper trail on the payment(s) if Breaker Press claims it was some out of state entity.

    If they claim payment was made in cash, there should be a form 8300 on file with the IRS – all cash payments greater than $10k have to be reported.

    It’s not legal to break the payments down into smaller amounts to avoid reporting, and if it’s two or more related transactions, a form must be filed if the total exceeds $10k.

  6. Hey Billy Bob, I concur w/ Partridge as to the culprit being out of reach.

    Prossnitz is a standup fellow, tho.

    He can’t be in on anything w/ Franks.

    But guess what Billy, there ain’t no Form 8300! Surprise!

    ===== the money was paid “anonymously” or Dalton will take the fall (for bigger $$$$$$, and the promise of full-bore legal representation, i.e., not by any McHenry shysters, but big name Chgo firms. Dalton and her techie husband may have moved to Sunny Mexico by now, and that, my fine fellow, will be the end of the trail. The illegal 48 hour reprieve will be to get her [first class] air-tickets and time to get the narrative straight. Where’s ‘the Jackal’ while all this is going on? That’s a good question!

  7. Prossnitz?

    Uh-oh! Spaghettio!!

    But we’ll just have to see it all shakes out.

    Somebody’ll have to take the rap on this on.

    Just to calm the sheep down that ‘justice’ can still be done in McHenry Co.

    But who?

    Maybe that’s what the weird two-day deal was all about.

    Figuring out who the sacrificial pigeon would be.

    You can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be Jack Franks — unless he got too lax in his old age and Prossnitz pulls through.

    If Prossnitz starts working at Herbie Franks’ firm in 2020, you’ll be able to figure things out.

    This is becoming interesting, I must say.

    I thought for sure the judge would bag Tirio’s crusade .. and he still could.

    But he’s created a pickle for the political propagandists, that’s for sure.

  8. At which time, they will than receive 15 minutes in the time-out corner.

  9. Such ‘deadlines’ are for the ‘little people’ not such august characters doing Franks’ dirty work!

  10. I though Prossnitz was a good guy!


    Yes, let’s see who the sacrificed are (is)?

  11. I have to admit I’m quite curious about how this will shake out.

    I don’t think Dalton will take the fall for this because she filed for bankruptcy a couple of months before these mailings were sent.

    She’d have to do a whole bunch of explaining to the bankruptcy court if she somehow came up with the cash for these mailings.

    Her liability in that case could be criminal as well as civil.

    It is possible Breaker Press got paid in cash and didn’t report it, in which case they would have even more to fear from the IRS than from Judge Costello – I think you have something like 15 days to file a form 8300.

    Perhaps the perps never imagined that there could be a lawsuit over this and they’re just scrambling right now.

  12. Judge should have said, the order was to deliver those responsible today.

    Request for stays denied.

    This has gone long enough!

    The scum is playing the court.. . unless…..????

    Doesn’t matter if the responsible party is out of state.

    These were paid to an IL Printer and distributed by U.S. Mail in IL from an IL address.

    BILLY BOB, your last line is absolutely dead on.

  13. If someone is sitting on the County board is responsible for this slander? They need to be exposed.

    Period, then an investigation News team needs to be called in for everyone to see.

    It’s that important for nefarious bad actors (lies)to pay for those who are known to be good.

    Before they get into higher positions in Government…

    Other this is the making of another (Bill & Hillary) Clinton, allowence.

    Pulled over the eyes of good neighbors.

  14. Too bad we have no investigative journalism in McHenry County.

    If we had such, all of the facts would have been fleshed out and we would have known the names of the perps by now.

    Just like in Watergate.

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