Mental Health Board Appointments — 8 Comments

  1. This year the Board states they ‘doled out’ $9,933,780 of your tax dollars but the detail shows an even higher number:

    Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault $22,000
    Consumer Credit Counseling Services of N. Illinois $42,000
    Mathers Recovery $50,000
    Community Health Partnership of Illinois $58,366
    The Family Health Partnership Clinic $76,000
    New Directions Addiction Recovery Services $77,050
    The Harvard Community Senior Center $97,680
    Northern Illinois Special Recreation Assoc. $100,800
    Live 4 Lali $120,000
    Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital $123,000
    Youth and Family Center of McHenry County $125,380
    Horizons Behavioral Health Professional Services $130,440
    Mathers Community Mental Health Center $144,000
    Behaviousal Perspectives Inc $153,500
    Transitional Living Services, Inc. dba TLS Veterans $190,177
    Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Court $198,358
    Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (Alexian) $206,960
    Home of the Sparrow $220,000
    National Alliance on Mental Illness McHenry County $232,030
    Clearbrook $265,863
    Options & Advocacy (O & A) $378,980
    Mental Health Board and Provider Managed Activities $428,604
    Greater Elgin Family Care Center $453,694
    Association for Individual Development $493,550
    Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness Inc $523,750
    Thresholds $501,943
    Epilepsy Foundation of North Cen. IL, Iowa & Nebraska $565,033
    Turning Point, Inc $634,500
    Rosecrance Inc. $958,681
    Pioneer Center for Human Services $1,122,191
    Northern Illinois Medical Center (Northwestern) $1,308,500

    Total $10,003,030

  2. Just McHenry Co. governmental lie 2018-54382.

    “Aunt Martha’s” does alot of ‘work’ with gender dysphoric youth brainwashed in our public schools.

    But ‘Aunt Martha’s’ only reinforces the brainwashing and tells the parents they are the kooks!

  3. AZ, you’re pretty funny!

    RidingTheBeam, if that’s true, we’ve all financed our own doom thanks to the corrupt establishment in McHenry County headed by The Jackal.

    How’d you find this out?

    The outfit’s name ‘Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness Inc.’ sounds like a racket all right.

    Is Aunt Martha a drag queen on top of it?

  4. Out of towner & Cal, thanks for exposing all this. The Fake News NWH would never do it!

  5. @Out of towner..Can you tell us how that is doled out?

    Is it direct taxpayer levy funded money to the County and then given out to those organizations?

    Or is the County a pass through by means of Federal or State Grants/Allocated Funds?

    By not specifically saying how the County doled out these funds and where they directly come from is only telling a small part of the story.

  6. McHenry County voters approved the funding to be added to your property tax.

    “The Mental Health Board (MHB) is a special purpose unit of the county government that’s regulated through Illinois House Bill 708, also known as the Community Mental Health Act. The Act mandates that the Mental Health Board administer mental health funds, collected through an annual tax levy, through the direction of a nine-member board of community representatives. These representatives are appointed by the County Board. The MHB is responsible for making sure that the duties and responsibilities of the Community Mental Health Act are fulfilled.”

  7. @Out of towner thanks for the explanation!

    The issue I have is that there are 31 different organizations that are getting money from the taxpayers for Mental Health issues!

    Though 501c3’s probably do a much better job at making the dollar stretch longer can someone tell me why these entities don’t form one.

    I’m sure politics are behind it just like everything else but 31 different organizations serving McHenry County!

    Just like the government needs to use less workers and consolidate so does non profits!

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