Tribune Notices Joe Tirio’s Suit Against Jack Franks’ Ally’s Printer

You might want to read the Chicago Tribune’s take on the latest development in McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s legal quest to discover which one of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ allies besmirched his reputation.

If so, click on the headline below:

Who paid for ‘Crooked Joe’ election flyers? Judge orders release of names behind McHenry candidate smear campaign

This is the image on the Tribune’s web site:

Joe Tirio’s enemy photo shopped him at a robber with rubber gloves.

This is one off reporter Amanda Marrazzo’s article:

Whoever was behind these flyers — which Tirio’s lawyer claims were sent to thousands of homes during last spring’s primary election in McHenry County, where he ran for clerk — they apparently didn’t have the intended effect: Tirio won the seat and was sworn in last week.

The article also alludes to the violation of state election law by the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund:”

Nor is any organization with that moniker registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections, even though any entity spending more than $5,000 on political campaigns is required by law to register — and Tirio’s camp asserts that the printing and distribution of multiple flyers would “vastly exceed” that threshold.

Who paid for the mailings is due to be revealed in writing today, according to Associate Judge Kevin Costello’s court order.


Tribune Notices Joe Tirio’s Suit Against Jack Franks’ Ally’s Printer — 1 Comment

  1. The Tribune and other media should be investigating the City of Crystal Lake as well regarding the Robert Miller matter of not being allowed to be on the ballot by the very cabal that is running against him.

    I think Mr. Miller has a highly probable likelihood that he’ll have this conflict of interest, City Council / City employee hearing decision reversed in a neutral setting.

    I’m looking forward to this as well as the Tirio matter exposing those guilty of this petty liable.

    Political office is for the best representation of the People and not for the benefit of either special interest groups or lifetime employment of those in office.

    Just my opinion.

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