NWH Never, Never Mentions Jack Franks’ Name in Articles about the Illinois Integrity Fund’s Smear Mailings

The Northwest Herald builds on the documents from Breaker Press attorney Natalie Harris published yesterday on McHenry County Blog in an article today.

Despite the fact that mailings by Breaker Press in the Republican Primary Election attacked only vocal opponents of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, the NWH cannot make the connection that the hit pieces came from one of Franks’ allies.

Instead the headline writer trots out the name of Tirio’s GOP Primary opponent Janice Dalton, basically a straw candidate.


NWH Never, Never Mentions Jack Franks’ Name in Articles about the Illinois Integrity Fund’s Smear Mailings — 11 Comments

  1. Why won’t Mendell Menkes sleaze law firm advertise how they lost in McHenry County trying to shield libelous rat-clients?

  2. Here’s my latest quatrain, in honor of the start of our jabbering “Jackal’s” political collapse, leading to his long-overdue, but ultimate, political obliteration.

    “Turn on the Lights to Expose the Vermin: How Jack Franks Began His Fall from Grace”


    “The Tirio Trio of Victims (Tirio, Ersel and Orville) Avenged”

    Scratch a liar — find a thief!
    Before the scab is set,
    The friendship is but very brief,
    Before whatever they can get!

    Old Jacko Franks used his ‘charms’ & pow’r,
    To set a devilish mail-bomb scam.
    Hatched to make his opponents hide & cower,
    Abusing the US mails for his vile voter-sham!

    When Jacko’s loathsome lies did harm Orv & Ersel,
    He pranced triumphantly before his minyan o’ minions!
    But his base pride led to his political reversal,
    When Jacko likewise targeted Tirio, using Fred’s* millions.

    Thus began the diseased cat’s clawing out of its sick-bag,
    When Judge Costello ordered “the fixer’s ID.”
    But Dalton refused to play the crooked, blamable hag,
    And Breaker Press’ Harris’ “Not I!” cried she.

    So who was the malefic spider who spun all the lies?
    Tis obscured for now, but if Prossnitz be true …
    Off will come the cunning disguise,
    And Jackanapes Franks will be found in the stew.

    Jack Skank-Franks lorded over his County Masked Ball,
    -But Jacko’s corruption caused his Great Fall!
    All of Fred Eychaner’s horses, and all of his ‘men’
    Couldn’t glue Jacko back together again!

    For the sick dirty tricks Jack so labored to hide,
    Were exposed to all, uncovering his true self:
    Which was hideous, sleazy and oh, so “Jekyll & Hyde,”
    The courtroom exposé tossed his whole career on the shelf!

    *Perverse Gay Agendaist and Franks’ ‘special projects’ Evil Bankroller, Chicago’s mini-Soros, FRED EYCHANER: https://capitalresearch.org/article/the-democrats-mystery-man-fred-eychaner/

  3. Cal, you really don’t understand how journalism works, do you?

    There is currently a legal case centered around revealing the anonymous people behind the mailing. (Note “Anonymous.”)

    The NW Herald has published articles around the facts of the case.

    How exact!y would you suggest you’d work in an unproven accusation against Jack Franks?

    “Even though there’s a big court case and probable lawsuit, some people think Jack Franks did it.” ?????

  4. harumph, harumph, harumph, fake new, harumph, nwherald, harumph, jack franks, harumph……….

  5. Refusal to provide names was deemed contempt.

    Years ago, in the Bill Clinton Whitewater scandal, a friend of the Clintons named McDougal clammed up, refused to talk in court and the judge put her in jail for a long time.

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