Pam Althoff Wins Township Officials of Illinois President’s Award

Pam Aalthoff

Township Officials of Illinois President Danny Hanning presented the President’s Award to former State Senator Pam Althoff.

He said, according to the organization’s publication, that Althoff “was always there for townships.”

Hanning reported that Althoff “ran interference for TOI When there was a very strong push by some anti-township legislation.”

She was able to convince a State Senator not to call a bill that would have been “very harmful to townships.”

Hanning succeeded Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, who resigned as TOI President after he lost the Republican Primary Election to Andrew Gassed.


Pam Althoff Wins Township Officials of Illinois President’s Award — 7 Comments

  1. So that’s like saying the thieves of Robin hood’s Black Forest endorse her.

    Telling, as usual.

    When is McHenry County going to wake up?

    She’s NOT for YOU!

  2. How cozy…why do voters recycle these people?

    Career me, me, me’s.

  3. I’ve known her since she was the mayor.

    She had no integrity then and has none now.

    Her two-faced smile in the picture continues now that she’s on the county board seeking the chairmanship.

    We’re stuck with her for four more years.

    We got what we deserve.

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