Jail for Jack Franks’ Ally’s Printer and Losing GOP County Clerk Candidate?

One side of one of the half dozen or so hit pieces mailed against McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s campaign by the so-called Illinois Integrity Fund, which violating state election law by not register with the Illinois State Board of Elections when it had spent $5,000.

That’s what McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s attorney Philip Prossnitz proposes be the penalty for their attorney Natalie Harris’ refusal to turn over the identity of the Jack Franks’ allies who sent postcards smearing Tirio and other Franks’ critics last spring.

Yesterday, Judge Kevin Costello issued a call for former County Clerk candidate Janice Dalton and Richard Lewandowski of Breaker Press to show why they should not be held in contempt of court for refusing to follow his court order to reveal who was responsible for sending the anti-Tirio hit pieces.

The two have until Thursday, December 20th, at 5 p.m. to file any response as to what would be the appropriate terms of the contempt finding.

Prossnitz will be asking that both be jailed, but that the jail provision be lifted once they disclose who is behind the Illinois Integrity fund.

It appears that the respondents are asking that the Political Action Committee’s identity remain anonymous and the penalty be as little as a dollar, and then those responsible be allowed to take the matter up on appeal.

A notice of appeal and a request that the Appellate Court stay the trial court proceedings has been filed.

Today Tirio’s attorney will be filing a motion to dismiss the appeal because it is premature.

On Friday, December 21, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. a hearing will be held as to what the terms of the contempt should be, meaning, should it be jail, should it be money and if so how much.

The courtroom was packed with Tirio supporters.

A repeat performance is expected Friday afternoon.


Jail for Jack Franks’ Ally’s Printer and Losing GOP County Clerk Candidate? — 10 Comments

  1. Good, if it comes to them going to jail, keep them there until after Christmas.

    Call it a waiting period for the truth.

  2. Would it not be fitting that those involved with IIF ended up in jail after denigrating Brettman for his jail time?

    The difference of course is that Orv did it for the taxpayers while those hiding under IIF did their dirty deed to shaft the taxpayers.


    You may ask –

    The IIF ‘hit’ pieces were the death knell for the campaigns of Schuster and Brettman – two candidates who would stand up for the taxpayer unlike the other two candidates who are nothing but servants of the LIAR.

  3. I was worried about Phil Prossnitz. And I still am. All this pussyfooting while the statute of limitations winds down on Joe Tirio.

    Somebody got played.

  4. Tirio will wind up in jail quicker than the Franks operatives.

    That’s what happens in a thoroughly corrupt system.

    Tough luck, Joe. That’s why people like Demetri never quite make it.

  5. Out of Towner, don’t delude yourself that the hit pieces were the reason Brettman and Shuster lost.

    They lost because, in some ways, voters are smartening up.

    They’re tired of the outdated, antique, narrow-minded pseudo-policies they espouse.

    Tirio has new ideas for improvement and an energy and honesty in pursuing them, everything Shuster and Brettman sadly lack.

    I’m sure they appreciate you giving them a reason for losing but it doesn’t fly.

  6. The statute of limitations for defamation is one year.

    The case was filed within that time.

    If the only reason the defendants can’t be named is that they have stonewalled the court, the statute would presumably be tolled for equitable reasons. (equitable tolling).

    Not so sure if the same would apply to “Individual 1”.

  7. Re: “voters are smartening up”

    Who is trying to kid who?

  8. Gasbagbacker-Photoshop that pink and it looks like the Gasbag, be blessed.

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