Skillicorn and Ives Start Yellow Jacket Opposition to Democrats’ MFT Hike Proposal


State Reps. Allen Skillicorn and Jeanne Ives hold a “yellow Jacket” rally in opposition to Democrats’ proposal to hike gas taxes.

A press release from State Rep. Anne Skillicorn:

Representatives Allen Skillicorn and Jeanne Ives hold yellow jacket rally to oppose gas increase

East Dundee, IL – Donning yellow jackets, Representatives Allen Skillicorn and Jeanne Ives spoke out Tuesday against the idea of Illinois becoming the state with the largest tax on motor fuel at a press conference in Chicago.

“The worst kept secret in Springfield is a rumored massive gasoline and diesel tax hike,” Skillicorn said.

“Just when gas prices are finally lower right before the holidays, greedy politicians, like the Grinches they are, seem all too willing to take more of our hard-earned money.

“Nothing like greedy politicians to ruin the holidays for middle class families.”

The motor fuel tax in Illinois is currently more than 37 cents per gallon plus an additional 6 and a quarter to 10 and a quarter percent sales tax on top of the motor fuel tax (sales tax rates vary depending on location).

Raising the gas tax by 30 cents per gallon, which Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed, would mean Illinois would have the highest gas tax in the nation at more than 71 cents per gallon – about 22% higher than the next highest state of Pennsylvania.

“Illinois is already taxed enough,” Skillicorn said.

“Just a year ago we hiked income taxes by 32 percent for individuals.

“We do not need more new taxes. In addition, many border communities and towns located adjacent to Interstates will be unfairly penalized by this hike.

“For example, the village President of Hampshire, IL, Jeff Magnussen, warns this hike will drive down crucial sales for his village and hurt his community.

“Rest assured this punitive tax would not only damage border communities, but it would hurt families across the state.”

Long-term, Skillicorn said the prudent course would be to work with our congressional delegation.

“There seems to be strong support for a major infrastructure funding bill at the federal level,” Skillicorn said.

“We need to wait and see what is happening with transportation funding at the federal level and how Illinois will benefit from it.

“Let’s think strategically here for a change.

“Rushing in to approve a massive gas tax hike just because fuel prices are low is reprehensible.

“We need to be strategic about funding roads, not predatory.”


Skillicorn and Ives Start Yellow Jacket Opposition to Democrats’ MFT Hike Proposal — 5 Comments

  1. DEMOCRATS insatiable lust for higher taxes to support their institutional corruption knows no bounds.

    Hence, the Great Exodus from Illinois will continue unabated as residents flee this tax hellhole of a state
    for a better life elsewhere.

  2. How was it that IL lawmakers were transferring hundreds of millions out of the transportation fund until the lockbox amendment was passed and within a year or two they’re saying the transportation fund needs more money?

    That’s hundreds of millions more that aren’t being transferred out, but they’re still short in the transportation fund?

    Are they saying they were robbing the transportation fund to pay for the other stuff, and they couldn’t pay for that stuff either even with the transfers?

    This state is horribly stupid. It doesn’t deserve to get fixed and it won’t.

  3. Amend the Illinois Constitution to eliminate the cola for government retirees, consolidate school districts with a formula to reduce total administrative jobs by a certain percent. Perhaps 50 percent at least.

  4. Thank you Allen and Jeanne for showing some GOP leadership!!!

    So, the voters created a “lock box” for funds designed to support transportation infrastructure and what do the Springfield Legislators do?

    Just like with the lottery which was advertised to support education, Springfield Legislators simply offset the ‘new revenue’ by reducing transfers from the General Fund to support Education for every dollar gained from the lottery scam (btw lottery is simply a tax on poor people).

    Since the transportation “lock box” was created, Springfield has quit transferring money from the General Fund to support highway construction – result? They claim to need more taxes for roads.

    The problem in Illinois State government is not inadequate tax revenue, the problem is Springfield over promised on pensions and they continue to spend money they do not have.

    Since 2000, State spending on pensions has grown 663 %;

    employee health insurance has grown 215 %;

    spending on preschool through high school has grown 65 %;

    all other state spending has grown by 16 %.

    During the same time period, state population has grown 2.81 %.

    During the same time period, state median income has grown by 40 %.

    During the same time period my property tax has increased 87.7 %.

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