Algonquin Village President Objects to Being Listed as Supporter of Rahm Emanuel’s Massive Gas Tax Proposal

An article reprinted from Illinois News Network drew this comment from Algonquin Mayor John Schmitt:

John Schmitt

It is unfortunate that some research was not done before publishing this blog.

The Mayors and Village Presidents of the McHenry County Council of Governments does indeed support a fully funded capital bill that has a regular source of revenue.

Our roads, bridges, and mass transit are in disrepair and new projects to satisfy commuters and new commerce are not built.

While that is all true, the Caucus spoke without doing their due diligence by confirming support for a gas tax increase.

I have spoken to many of the community leaders of the county and found that we all know that while a source of regular funding for capital is necessary, supporting a $.25-40 gas tax has yet to be debated to determine the best and least impacting revenue source.

Therefore, the big STORY of the blog is false.

Take every name of every mayor from McHenry County off this story as none have yet agreed to support or endorse any specific source of revenue for a capital bill.

The article from the Illinois News Network listed the following McHenry County leaders, which I put in boldface type:

  • Mayor Robert J. Nunamaker, Village of Fox River Grove
  • President Richard Mack, Village of Ringwood
  • Mayor Brian Sager, City of Woodstock
  • Mayor John Schmitt, Village of Algonquin
  • Mayor Aaron T. Shepley, Village of Crystal Lake


Algonquin Village President Objects to Being Listed as Supporter of Rahm Emanuel’s Massive Gas Tax Proposal — 4 Comments

  1. F’wit objects to being named as endorsing tax increase.

    F’wit than declares a new tax is needed.

    Glad this imbecile cleared that up for us.

  2. Locally the LIAR in chief consistently sent out invites which listed his “Host Committee” with names of people who apparently really did not support him or names of the deceased.

    A candidate for McHenry County Clerk in 2014 claimed to have the support of the McHenry County Township Supervisors – a false statement.

    Did Rahm learn from McHenry County politicians?

    We have Joe Tirio with very little outside financial support attempting to force some accountability for those who even openly lie anonymously.

    It takes a lot of money to fight the “dirty” lying side of politics.

    Go to this link to financially support the fight for transparency in the ‘dirty politics’ contests:

  3. If Schmitty ever told the truth about anything, THAT would be the big news story for the NWH Fakenews!

  4. It’s always been one of my favorite songs:

    You Can’t Hide Your Lyin Eyes.

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