Tirio Supporters Expected in Court Again Today

The court hearing on whether the top guy at Breaker Press and Joe Tirio’s GOP primary opponent Janice Dalton should be put in jail for contempt of court will be held Friday afternoon at 1:30 in Associate Judge Kevin Costello’s courtroom.

These are some of the supporters of McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s suit to discover who sent postcards smearing Tirio and four County Board candidates who were critical of Jack Franks. They were in the courtroom earlier this week.

Supporters of Tirio are again expected to fill the courtroom to see if the names of Jack Franks’ ally responsible for the hit pieces will finally be revealed.


Tirio Supporters Expected in Court Again Today — 2 Comments

  1. Too hasty in your assessment Lady.

    Heard it was a nail biter!

    And it produced what Tirio and Proznitz were after.

    Guess the owner of Breaker Press realized that he was sticking his neck out for people who aren’t worth it.

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