Algonquin Township Board Approves Road District Tax Levy

In a Saturday morning Special Meeting of the Algonquin Township Board, the tax levy presented by Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser prior to the October meeting was finally passed.

The vote was 3-0.

At the regular December meeting, approval was beaten with Trustee Dan Shea and Melissa Victor voting, “No.”

Only David Chapman voted in favor.

While Supervisor Chuck Lutzow and Trustee Rachael Lawrence were absent at December’s regular meeting, they were in attendance Saturday.

Along with the vote of Dan Shea, who changed his vote from negative to positive, the levy was passed.

Prior to the vote Lawrence asked if it were not true that a Road Commissioner could take the levy to the McHenry County Clerk for certification.

The female attorney answered in the affirmative.

That is in conflict of what Gasser attorney Robert Hanlon wrote prior to the calling of the Special Meeting.

He says that the failure of the Board to approve the levy earlier will result in a zero levy for next year.

Not only then, he argues, but the same in years thereafter because of the Tac Cap law.

That law allows a government like the Road District to increase its levy by the increase in the cost of living.

Basically, he is saying, “Zero times anything is zero.”

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