Illinois Leaks Criticizes Its Misidentification in Taxpayer Suit against Algonquin Township

Republished with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township Trustee Lawrence spreads lie about court filing

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McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Nothing like waking up on a Saturday before Christmas to the phone ringing instead of the jingle-bells of the Christmas Holidays.

I received calls from people wanting to know why we filed an “Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction” against Algonquin Township.

We Didn’t!

However, when informing those callers of that truth, the response was, “not according to Trustee Rachael Lawrence who said otherwise on Facebook.”

Oh the “joy” of Social Media! 

Sure enough, Algonquin Trustee Racheal Lawrence posted what we consider a slanderous lie on Facebook that we had filed an Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

She went on to complain about tax dollars having to be spent on the matter, falsely insinuating it was our fault.

Rachael Lawrence

Hey all, I just wanted to let everyone know that not only do the Edgar County Watchdogs want $45,000.00 of your tax money, but they also filed an “Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction” to actually PREVENT the Township Board from holding a legal meeting tomorrow morning to ensure the Road District levy is certified in time to assure funding for road maintenance in 2019.

Fortunately the judge denied their motion because it was not an emergency” and was of “questionable merit.”

Nonetheless, your tax dollars had to be spent to defend this ridiculously asinine action in court today.

Thanks, “Watchdogs!” for looking out for us taxpayers”

She then chose to post a “Notice of Motion” with our personal names and company name on it, which is not an “Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction”.

The Notice of Motion she shared was, in fact, a clerical error and at no time was any Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed against the Algonquin Township that names us as the Plaintiff.

Even the docket entry reflects the Plaintiff’s name but even that fact eluded Trustee Lawrence.

A fact that anyone could have found on the Circuit Clerks’ website.

But what is more interesting about her slanderous lie is the fact all she had to do is ask the Attorney for the Township, James Kelly, a simple question; who filed the Emergency Motion?

She would have known it was not us as she falsely claimed.

Instead, it appears she chose to slander our good name with false information in her original social media post.

I spoke with our attorney this morning and obtained a copy of the Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction and it is crystal clear, we did not file it as Lawrence claimed.

Had Trustee Lawrence done even the smallest amount of research, such as checking the circuit clerk website, talk to her attorney, or simply get a copy of the actual motion she lied about, she would have known we had nothing to do with it.

A copy of the actual motion filed can be downloaded at this link or viewed below.

The “Notice of Motion” she later talks about is an entirely different document and she knows it mistakenly had our names on it.

The Notice of Motion is nothing more than a motion to alert the courts that an actual legal motion is going to be filed that day that is going to need to be heard.

Even after informing her of the lie she continued to insist she did not lie and posts more misinformation.

We are confident our attorney will deal with this matter appropriately.


Illinois Leaks Criticizes Its Misidentification in Taxpayer Suit against Algonquin Township — 9 Comments

  1. She resigns as County GOP Treasurer and Anderson says “the wheels are coming off”?


    Now, if Anderson stated that the Lying Chairman got a flat tire, I could support that.

  2. To be fair, no standard of slander has been met- she’s simply demonstrated that she is dopey and clueless, and doesn’t know how to review court records.

  3. At least she was correct about the Dog’s piling on for a easy $45k.

  4. ole’ kirk’s getting a little damp thinking about our tax dollars funding the fake news his team creates.

    Hide your wallets as he and gasser steal your money.

    Like cal, running your life on other’s money is an art for this clown show.

  5. Your good name?


    I betting another lawsuit from ECWD.

    Easy money grab from the dog piles.

  6. You gotta love the internet! Caught in her own lie or ignorance. Either way, She’s over her skis just like the rest of them in that township.

    I just want to recap and make sure that people realize:

    *If Algonquin Township officials just did their jobs and wanted what’s best for the township taxpayers, there would be no lawsuit!

    *If former Algonquin Township Hwy Commissioner Bob Miller had done his job and hadn’t used the township as his own property and playground and the township’s tax dollars as his own piggy bank, there would be no lawsuit!

    *If former Algonquin Township Hwy Commissioner Bob Miller hadn’t used the township as a Nepotism & Patronage wonderland, there would be no lawsuit! and maybe no firings.

    *If former Algonquin Township Hwy Commissioner Bob Miller hadn’t had his employees unionize just before he left as an act of vendetta against his successor, there would be no lawsuit!

    Lets not forget about the current township officials in Alg. not doing their jobs (Clerk), following in Bob Millers footsteps (Supervisor), conflicts of interest (Twnshp Lawyer), misleading the public, voting vindictively rather than voting for the taxpayers in Alg. Township (all of them).


    Clean House Alg township!

    You make Grafton look good.

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