“Franks was not immediately available for comment.” — 20 Comments

  1. LOL well wouldn’t this be a First!

    A chance for him to blather on and he’s unavailable for comment?

    Probably the advise from his attorney was to keep his mouth shut.

  2. Perhaps Mr. Franks is just waiting to be properly introduced by one of the Mayor’s who supported his “Cut10” nonsense and will lend him his name during this as well ?

  3. Thank God Joe and Phil got the judge they did.

    What other judge would have stood his ground relative to the threatened incarceration which is what really caused Breaker Press to spill the beans?

    Having stated that, what other judge would have been considerate enough to give the President of Breaker Press until after Christmas day to turn himself in to be locked up?

    Thank you Judge Costello – you make up for some of the inept / shady dealing by some other County judge.

    The law firm defending Tirio’s lawsuit was Mandell Menkes. The following appears on their website:

    “Mandell Menkes and entertainment law boutique Leavens, Strand & Glover announced that they are joining forces effective January 1, 2019.”

    Based on Susan’s listing of the items for ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, I would state that the entertainment component is already in place.

  4. This situation is a very good
    barometer for the County Board.

    Will they oust Franks or turn tail and hide in the long grass?

  5. This situation brings to mind the key questions asked about Nixon during Watergate that are relevant in our county. What did he know? When did he know it?

    We have our own “Gate” right here in McHenry County.

  6. No comment.

    Please no coverage!

    Help me Eddie!

    Kill comments!

    Don’t treat me the way I treat others!!!!

    NWH give me a break.

    I got a job for you!

  7. “Franksgate”?



    Nominations are open…

  8. **Will they oust Franks**

    How, exactly, will the County Board “oust Franks?”

    And for what, exactly?

  9. Did Russia interfere in the Nov 2016 elections in McHenry County? Do we need a special prosecutor in this county with unlimited power and finances for the next 2-4 years looking for things?

  10. How bout ‘Skank-Franks-gate’

    Has anyone noticed that ‘Spotlight’ is also unavailable for comment on the blog.

    Guess he’s in Africa where Franks supposedly is.

    Speaking of comments did Angel Llarvona die or something?

    I think a “tic tock, tic tock’ comment might be appropriate in regards to Franks career. . .

    Along with anyone associated with him.

    Weebles wobble (and when they get gastric bypass surgery,) they still fall down.

  11. Nob, I too have wondered about the fallen Angel !

    But don’t forget Tommy, (Tom) he too worked with Angel.

  12. No, the County Board can’t oust Franks.

    Only the voters can do that at the next election.

    Only Congress and the General Assembly can impeach and remove a President or Governor.

    What they could do however is call a Special Meeting to pass a resolution condemning him once all the bricks have fallen into place.

    Also they could stop being Yes People (ie sheeples) for everything he comes up with, starting with any further attempts to amend the Rules to give the Chairman more powers.

    They could also tighten up the rules on Ad Hoc committees.

    They won’t do anything however, until the blood is clearly on the water.

    All potential critics have been removed from committee chairmanships.

    The only current member who is likely to stick his neck out is Wheeler, who ought to be outraged as a GOP officer at having Democrats illegally (ie not complying with campaign finance laws) interfere in a GOP primary.

    Tic, tock…..

  13. Will the Northwest Herald be sued along with other parties involved in the sleazy attack on Tirio and others?


    – The election was on March 20

    – One of the hit pieces included the following as a quote from the NWH dated March 13: “Tirio asked to resign as Recorder and drop out of Clerk’s race”

    – Another hit piece (actually two of them had the same story as a quote, once on a Schuster hit piece and once on another Tirio hit piece) had a quote from the NWH dated March 3, 2018 “Death threat against county official traced to home of McHenry County Board candidate Ersel Schuster”.

    Kevin Craver used to work for the NWH and went to work for Franks in 2017 – was there collusion among Craver, Franks, IIF and the NWH?

    Not accusing anyone, simply asking questions.

  14. knownExtremist you could be right on some of your points but remember when the Board Members walked out of a meeting?

    I would bet my last dollar that your Mr. Chuck Wheeler does have something to say, as he should.

    Could be Jack will call in sick, or have a family emergency, for the next Board Meeting.

  15. There is no provision in the law for the Board to oust the Chair.

    Under Robert’s Rules, the Board can temporarily replace the Chair with a 2/3 vote to suspend the rules.

    I don’t see that happening. The Board would have to call that vote each meeting, and it still wouldn’t solve the problem of the games that Jack is playing with the agenda.

    They’d have to call special meetings to deal with issues that Jack doesn’t want dealt with.

    It will be interesting to see if any Board Members decide to grow a spine after the recent revelations.

    The comments at the next meeting from the Board Members and the general public could be very interesting.

  16. “The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they know not over what they stumble.” ~~ Proverbs (Mishle) 4:19

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