High School District 155 Takes Over $1.8 Million Loss in Sale of Haber Oaks

Crystal Lake High School District 155 recently announced the sale of the Algonquin Road Cary building used for Special Education  students, plus those considered too disruptive to remain in regular high school, for $700,000.

In a press release Board President Adam Guss, whose wife is an art teacher at Cary-Grove High School, said, “…we’re glad that we were able to approve a purchase agreement so quickly.”

The facility was purchased for $1,121,250.

$752,238 was spent for remodeling.


High School District 155 Takes Over $1.8 Million Loss in Sale of Haber Oaks — 5 Comments

  1. No worries, it’s OPM (Other people’s money).

    Isn’t that the standard set by District 155 and others?

    Too expensive?

    Not needed?

    Who cares?

    We’ll just tax more.

    No problem.

    Now they are talking about selling off the admin center on Virginia Road.

    How long until they decide that they need a bigger, grander administrative center?

    Based on my calculations using Cal’s figures above, the loss sustained on this transaction is $1,173,488 (check your calculations, Cal).

    Claiming a win when you don’t even recoup the remodeling costs says a great deal about the Board.

    I wonder if any of them would be so cavalier and happy if it was their own property they were selling.

    Interestingly, they may have the opportunity to find out as their actions on the board will impact their housing values as well.

    Will any of them be held accountable during the next election cycle?

    Doubtful, after all, this is for the kids!

  2. I think you are mixing up the trip to Los Angeles for a convention during which Disneyland was visited at taxpayer expense with a trip to New Orleans during which the Millers’ daughter, plus a grandkid had the plane tickets paid for by taxpayers.

  3. That’s a substantial loss, but it would be useful to know what annual maintenance costs have been for Haber Oaks.

    The savings from not having to maintain it may offset the less in short order.

    I’m no fan of how D155 conducts business with our taxes, but more than price alone goes into these decisions.

  4. D155 said that they expect to save $70,000 per year by closing the Haber Oaks campus.

    It will take roughly 26 years to recoup the $1.8M loss.

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