Will Associate Judge Kevin Costello Run for Circuit Court Judge?

Here is the map for the 3rd Judicial Subdistrict:

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10-1-19 Discovered that the State Board of Elections map below is incorrect at least as far as the boundaries for subcircuit 2 and 3 are concerned.

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The subdistrict map for McHenry County. It was drawn by legislative Democrats with Jack Franks in mind.

Justin Hansen has just been appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to replace Judge Michael Sullivan.

If Hansen has connections to the Republican Party in McHenry County, they have yet to have been brought to my attention.

I don’t know whether Associate Judge Kevin Costello lives in the 3rd Judicial District Subcircuit, but, if he does, the Republican infrastructure now knows who he is, while GOP activists are unaware of Hansen.

The trial about the Joe Tirio smear postcards mailed engineered by Jack Franks’ allies brought Costello name identification that Associate Judges with Circuit Court ambitions can only dream of.

And, if he doesn’t currently live in the required area, he could always move.

I believe he has served as a GOP Precinct Committeeman from the Nunda Township part of Crystal Lake.

Judge Costello’s oral chain of logic in the first court hearing after taking only about ten minutes to consider the attorneys’ arguments was a tour de force.

And Costello’s willingness to listen to the repetitive arguments of the smear piece printer’s attorney, while boring, demonstrated patience a judge probably needs.


Will Associate Judge Kevin Costello Run for Circuit Court Judge? — 9 Comments

  1. Costello is a class act.

    It is very refreshing to watch a judge actually do his job: Follow the dictates of the law as written – not interpreted.

    As pointed out above, he displays the patience of a saint but is willing to restrict useless argument by counsel.

  2. Did those lawyers fighting to keep the sleaze mailers culprits identities anonymous really charging two thousand dollars per hour?

  3. If they are being paid anything like that, that means that Franks feels he is in some really deep doo doo.

    I would expect him to resign from the Chairman’s position and maybe surrender his law license.

  4. It was found on the law firms website.

    That table of prices appears to have been removed now.

    I think the guy was 2000 & she was 400.

    That’s $2400./hr that last day in court. ( and if Mendell has to help Harris with any other aspect of the case.

  5. As corrupt as the Devil can produce. Watched this man nod off and barely able to keep himself awake while my daughters life was in danger.

    200,000/year clearly isn’t enough to get this man to do his job.

    A true disgrace to the robe.

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