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Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission:

Algonquin Township meeting – Email content tells an interesting story


McHenry Co. (ECWd)During today’s Algonquin Township Special Meeting, Trustee [Rachael] Lawrence makes reference to an email sent to the trustees the night before fromRoad District Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser.
She claims what was sent was a revised levy and then says it’s actually the same levy.
Reading the actual email sent, it was nothing more than Gasser sending the same email he sent to the trustees on November 9th, 2018, which contained a revised levy.So there is no confusion, the November 9th, 2018 email contained the revised levy.Resending it was not an indication that there was yet another revision as implied.

What is so interesting with this is not Lawrence’s apparent confusion on the so-called revised levy, but rather what the email contained.

“Feel free to call the office or email with questions.”

According to Gasser, he did not receive a single call or email about his November 9th, 2018 revised levy.

Again, not one communication.

That being the case, why on earth did Trustee [Dan] Shea spend so much time complaining about it during their December 12th, 2018 meeting where the board failed to do their job and certify it?

Why did Trustee [Melissa] Victor not raise any concerns with Gasser prior to her voting no on the certification of the levy?

Gasser confirmed that he did have discussions in his office with Trustee [David] Chapman, the sole yes vote during the December 12th, 2018 meeting.

It is clear from the November 9th, 2018 email, the trustees had sufficient time to address any concerns and also had a clear invitation to do so.

For Trustee Shea to complain and pontificate about the Road District levy during the meeting while making no effort to communicate with him in advance should concern the citizens.

If he truly had concerns why not raise them in advance?

Trustee Lawrence made sure the public knew she did not support the levy submitted, but she has not contacted Gasser to share any concerns either.

And they wonder why Gasser does not attend their meetings?


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  1. Having both served on boards and worked for boards, it appears to me that our no-so smart or perhaps just lazy and crazy Road District Commissioner’s lack of leadership and understanding of colleague responsibilities /respect that he received a non- vote.

    When one presents something as important as a levy and large expenditures, one prepares a full back-up material packet that includes any meetings with others on the Board on a timeline calendar.

    Perhaps information on when any necessary bids for expenditures were obtained would also assist in support from a board. You know the bids gasser either doesn’t understand or chooses to ignore and break the law. (Kirk, how much is his failure to get salt bids going to cost…FOIA?)


    if I served on this board giving this clowns behavior and stupidity, I would not have voted on an issue as important as large taxpayer
    expenditure or a tax levy with the kind of lazya..s communication that gasser gave/gives.

    Oh yea, kirk and his thugs are still thieves in the light.

    Or one might consider attending the Board meeting to answer any questions or learn something.

    But naw, not this mess of a Commissioner.

    He would rather spend his time serving the Kirk’s of the world as they steal our money.

  2. The Edgar County Watchdogs Steal your money, Tom?

    That’s a laugh.

    Not a peep outta your pie hole about the Millers turning the township into a nepotism and patronage payback mill?

    The taxpayer funded giveaways, Family trips, clothing, pricey leather totes, cell phones, a way to fund his own made up organization etc etc.

    You are discredited.

  3. ole’ greg stay on topic you foolish little boy.

    I am no supporter of Miller or any of that past.

    What I am focusing on is the carpet baggers who are stealing our tax dollars by using the old cover em with FOIA until they can’t do their jobs.

    Kirk is a thief who goads fools into believing he and his thugs are all about truth.

    Worst kind of folks who steal.

    Liars via the system; folks foolishly think that they are their side.

    You probably sent in some dollars to support “the good work”.

    cal is a thief too, Same MO as your boys down south.

    EGW and cal take tax dollars every day and get folks to contribute their own dollars to further support their lives.

    So, you keep your “pie hole” filled with their bs.

    gasser needs to be put out to pasture so he can no longer cover us with his foolishness.

  4. I presume you mean my being paid a state pension makes me a thief.

    Does that mean all retired state, municipal and school retires receiving a pension are thieves also?

  5. Tom on, the salt price before bidding and after the bidding was the same $91.00 a ton from what I understand.

    So to answer the question, it did not cost any more or less.

    Please provide any evidence to support your claim we are thieves.

    Please provide any evidence to support your claim that EGW takes tax dollars every day.

    Provide your name to show the world you, not a coward.

  6. Mr. Gasser timely submitted his levy to the board.

    In the December meeting the board elected not to approve the levy submitted.

    The board wrongly concluded the levy would revert to last year’s levy.

    Who was representing the board? Kelly.

    Yet, Kelly sat silently and next thing they had to be a special meeting.

    So who should be to blame?

    Obviously, Gasser and his attorney are to blamed.

    This disconnected logic is the problem demonstrated by the board and the miller supporters.

    Tom’s contention that Gasser is to blame because of his enumerated reasons is not strong enough to fool the smallest of minds.

    Seriously, did you not get a miller patronage job that you would have received but for Gasser?

    You give these people a single fact and it becomes a trump conspiracy.

  7. State bid for Salt was in the $60s a ton not $91 a ton like Alg twh tax payers will be forced to pay.

    Tom is a tad harsh, but fairly accurate in his statements.

  8. Robin, ONCE again you do not address the specific question raised. “how much is his failure to get salt bids going to cost”

    The answer is none to the question asked. Now if you want to change the question and ask how much could have been saved by using the State Bid, that is a whole different discussion to be had.

    Please provide one shred of evidence to support anything tom said accurate?

    Tom on – I don’t need to FOIA anything as your question was already answered.

  9. Kirk- other than the money grab, what is your agenda? You claim to be “watching” all the while trying to collect money. What is the old adage, with “friends” like you who needs enemies. Your “noble” cause really moves me, but then constipation hasn’t really been a problem.

  10. kirk, you are so typical of a slime ball who fails to respond to a fair, but perhaps a question that can be dodged by a agenda driven loser organization. Nob calls you on your weak a,,s dodge, At least you were strong enough to give him a fair answer. (still you resonate bull). Saves vs. wasted..hmmm. Kirk and associated thugs enjoy living in a rabbit hole of “gotcha bull”.

    And you know how to work with boards,,,how, listening on. When one asks for a vote, it’s best to be available to answer questions etc.. gasser is a non-functioning public official, (like cal was in his public life) that needs to stand-up and resign. I hear the drums beating.

  11. His failure to tag on to state bid is the difference, the amount it will cost extra depends on salt usage for the year, there is no direct answer with out all the numbers.

    The Dog’s will be taking $45k from Alg Twh Road dist plus what you can get from the Alg twh itself.

    Considering y’ll been at this game for 8 years, Alg thw isn’t the first so that justifies much of what Tom was saying.

    Kirk Allen on 12/24/2018 at 8:35 am said: “Free trips to Disneyland for not only him but his grandkid is not legal.”

    A lie since it was only Anna and Bob who went to Disneyland!

  12. I pointed out earlier that the Miller’s daughter and grandchild went with them to New Orleans at taxpayers’ expense.

  13. Tom – As a functioning public official, in my first year in the Illinois House I passed more bills (12) than any other freshman.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, even if you know little of what I did as County Treasurer and State Rep.

  14. Cal you did point that out, but not on the same article where Kirk said it.
    Kirk also keeps repeating the nonsense that the two Highway commissioners orgs are Millers private businesses.

  15. Give me the link to the article and I’ll add it there, too.

  16. Robin you just can’t seem to tell the straight truth.

    Miller started those businesses, was listed as an officer, and operated at least one of them from the Township property.

    Are saying none of that is true?

    Stephen Pokorny – to date I recall 2 public bodies that paid us a settlement to a lawsuit.

    One was $500 and the other a $1000.

    In both cases, it never even covered the expenses involved in the case.

    As far as the Current case, it will be the first ever that actually may not be all eaten up in expenses.

    tom on – Your inability to converse without name calling and spewing total bs will be the primary reason I will not respond to you anymore.

    The secondary reason is your inability to be man enough to disclose who you are.

  17. Kirk- that still doesn’t tell us what your agenda is other than a money grab.

    Waltzing as the nob is fond of saying.

  18. Kirk is framing legal not for profit organizations, Highway Commissioner’s Orgs, as Millers personal businesses rather than orgs like every other gov has.

    Yet he’s never produced a law that says they are illegal.

    Miller isn’t part of them now, yet they still exist, where is the SA or AG, oh my goodness!!!!

    Poor waltz again friend.

  19. kirk continues to use the ole “I can turn your sincere words, questions, and dialogue during public service public discussion into a conspiracy and crime ridden meeting. I have seen people like him, and they all crash and burn because people get sick of the drama. When hundreds of buck shot FOIAS are demanded and contextually revised to suite the thief’s purpose, conspiracy and bs can be spewed. Right kirk? Then to post the poor us (thugs) statement “we barely cover our expense”, is comical. gasser and you all need to get a room. (or in gasser’s case a stupid billboard bashing the Bear’s and their owners: worked so well for him). Keep on keeping on losers.

    If the legal system does not jump to the conspiracy and bs, kirk and the like turn against the system and those serving that branch. You, kirk, are in need of exposure.

  20. Robin you know the issue of the associations so spewing misinformation does no good.

    The issue was never if they were a legal entity and you know that.

    The issue is his operating at least one of them from public property, which is not legal.

    Are you saying it is legal for him to have done that?

  21. Airline tickets are not transferable, the names are on the tickets, please explain this Nob.

  22. Wondering why you asked me, I never said anything about transferable tickets.

  23. What I find funny is every time some touches a nerve with Kirk he focus on the minute details that aren’t relevant then changes direction to avoid the questions asked.

    What is your agenda other than a money grab, not expecting a response?

  24. just wondering who is robin i see no post with that name is this kirk guy confused or talking to a 3rd person

  25. Thanks for the response Kirk, Your altruism is heartwarming.

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