Politician Other Than Jack Franks Called a Weasel

Jack Franks

The December 19, 2018, Tribune column by John Kass calls Rod Blagojevich a “weasel.”

One definition I found says a weasel is “a deceitful or treacherous person.”

The Kass column would be of passing interest to McHenry County residents except for the manufactured threat promoted by the Northwest Herald when a comment was made on McHenry County Blog.

Under the story about former McHenry County Board member Diane Evertsen’s chiding of Board members for not standing up to Jack Franks, a comment was made about knowing someone who would kill weasels.

Here it is:

I know a fellow who specializes in terminating weasels of all kinds.

His prices are very reasonable. $5,000 each.

If you need it to look like an accident $10,000 each.

Let me know on this blog.

(Read all of the comments here.)

Franks interpreted the satire as a death threat, at least that is what he apparently told the Sheriff, States’ Attorney and NWH.

The Northwest Herald thought it was front page news.

(When the Northwest Herald reporter called for my reaction, I started laughing.

(Franks’ report of fearing for his life was that ridiculous.)

The Sheriff provided some sort of protection.

The Lakewood Police investigated.

The State’s Attorney pondered what was discovered, deciding there was no credible threat.

The Northwest Herald wrote another story headlined:

Blog ‘threat’ against Jack Franks traced to husband of McHenry County Board candidate Ersel Schuster

Then Franks’ campaign operatives, through the Illinois Integrity Fund (sic), used the “death threat” to attack the County Board candidacy of Ersel Schuster.

A satirical comment about a weasel, magnified by a front-page article in the tabloid Northwest Herald, was utilized by the Illinois Integrity Fund to produce this smear piece.

Here’s the context of John Kass’ calling Blagojevich a “weasel” in a piece that also covered the death of two Chicago Policemen hit and killed by a train they did not see:

And Dr. King, Gandhi and Mandela never said, “I’ve got this thing, and it’s (bleeping) golden.”

Blagojevich, the weasel, said it.

Here’s the thing about weasels.

When you’re running, searching for man with a gun, you don’t want a weasel as backup.

Weasels can marry the daughter of the Democratic ward boss, but that’s not enough to become governor. Blagojevich was pushed into office by other nationally prominent Illinois Democrats. Among them were the Daleys, and future mayor Rahm Emanuel and future president Barack Obama, and Patti’s ward boss father, Dick Mell.


Politician Other Than Jack Franks Called a Weasel — 24 Comments

  1. My nick name is the nob, no big deal unless you let it be.

    Wasn’t Mike Walkup’s nick name the Rat?

  2. Franks IS A WEASEL. Here is the definition:

    A weasel is a sneaky and sly person. Your weasel of a friend has a habit of “forgetting” his wallet every time he goes out to dinner with you.

    You can call someone who cheats and lies a weasel, or you can use the word literally, to refer to the small furry mammal called a weasel. The furry kind of weasel is known for its short legs, long neck, and musky smell. In fact, the word’s Proto-Germanic origin wisand carries the meaning of a stinky animal. The verb weasel means to sneak or evade, like when you weasel out of doing the dishes.


    A weasel is also an animal that you don’t want near your small farm animals that can fall prey and cannot defend themselves. Jack IS a Weasel.

    A weasel is also someone who goes back on their word, who twists the truth to make people see something his way. Like when Jack claims a someone called him a weasel and that’s Antisemitic and that HE’s the victim! Jack is racist. Since when do you get to claim calling someone a weasel is Antisemitic? That’s Antisemitic in itself!

  3. Hah that’s beautiful. Franks’ cohort Michael Noonan from the Roosevelt Group also likes Roosevelt quotes, or maybe just capitalizes on them.

    Awesome you found that!


  4. Nob, I never heard that one.

    Can you explain why?

    It’s clear as day why DemonRat Franks has so many nicknames, one being a ‘weasel’.

    Franks and Althoff are scheming to get Nygren back! God help us if that happens!

  6. Awww Franks never was taught Aesop’s Fables?

    (That’s rhetorical, of course he didn’t.) That’s why he’s been a weasel ever since he could talk!

  7. Sitbd, I thought I heard Nygren was an Adviser of some kind, for Rahm & his O-Hare problem he had.

  8. Yup and has been buying up property in McHenry County.

    Bad rancid pennies keep showing up.

  9. Try being accused of a crime you didn’t commit, like Joe Tirio was.

    Try being called everything under the sun undeservedly, like Joe Tirio was, when he made big campaign promises, kept every one of them and then delivered even more.

    If all someone did was liken Tirio to a ‘weasel’, that would’ve been a cake walk!

    Franks conveniently twists everything to make himself look like a victim in public, while he’s really a threat wielding bully that needs to be removed from public office.

    He’s the worst kind of politician whose antics don’t belong in a civilized society.

  10. The problem is that Jack used his mischaracterization of what was written to play to his all-too receptive audience and energize them with high-octane BS.

  11. She was talking about how much it cost to kill someone, folks.

    To be fair, she’s a moron, and has no idea how much it costs to have someone killed. My father was on the Chicago Crime Commission for a number of years, and $25,000 was a ballpark pre-recession figure.

    Of course, if she’s willing to provide to evidence supporting her claim that she knows contract killers that work as little as $5,000, or nuisance animal services that charge as much as $10,000 for mustelid removal, I will apologize for calling her a moron.

    Discovery is a bitch, Diane.

  12. It was not Ersel.

    Guess you don’t read the Northwest Herald.

  13. Cal , who reads the Northwest Herald ?

    It’s used as bird cage liner or fish wrap !

    They’d make more money by putting it on a roll and sold as toilet paper.

  14. Weasels feed on small mammals and have from time to time been considered vermin.

    Hat tip wikipedia.

  15. Of course the purpose of all of this from Franks’ point of view is to cow ALL of the county board members into complete submission.

    If he can fund a dark money group to go after county board candidates in complete anonymity, then they all have something to worry about.

    He could just openly fund Democratic board candidates in fall elections but more often than not those have not been realistically competitive contests until recently thanks to the Great Trump Meltdown in Washington.

    Its much more effective if he can do it in a primary and find phony “Republicans” to run against those he wishes to target.

    He did it very stupidly however this last time.

    He could get away with it if the shadow group could keep the expenditures under the $5000 threshold for reporting.

    Then it might be dirty politics but it is not illegal.

    This last time, however, he used the same group to be responsible for all of the mailers, putting it clearly over the reporting threshold, plus used people who could be easily tied to him.

    Next time, if there is one, he will be smarter.

  16. Fellas, fellas c’mon now. I think we can all agree, based on Illinois election tally’s, your all weasels.

  17. It’s cute that y’all think that the problem with the original post was that Franks was called a weasel.

    It’s also cute that you all admit that the person talking about killing weasels was referring to Jack Franks.

  18. The NW Herald ran a front page puff piece on Herb Franks today.

    I guess the Herald had to make amends for actually somewhat covering the Breaker Press case.

  19. To try to keep everyone on the same page, here is what was read during public comments at the McHenry County Board meeting (copied from an earlier post on this blog):

    “It seems to me that sometimes we can get our point across more readily by incorporating it into a story … similar to Aesop’s fables.

    Or, possibly, our own version of a Prairie Home Companion and Lake Woebegone.

    Conversely, we can look at this the same way we looked at the grade school math problems that started out,

    “If a train leaves Boston westbound at 7:00 am, traveling 80 miles per hour, and another train leaves San Francisco eastbound at 9:30 am, traveling 65 miles per hour, at what point and at what time will they pass?”

    Didn’t all of us just love those kinds of questions?

    Well, so get ready to do the math.

    As some of you know, we have chickens.

    Our hens are relatively quiet, well-behaved and mild-mannered chickens, and certainly not well traveled or cosmopolitan.

    There’s no doubt, of course, that all of them think they’re pretty smart – – – but some of us know better.

    So, the other morning it was unusual to hear quite a commotion coming from the chicken coop and we had to go out to investigate.

    Well, quite a surprise to find 3 dead chickens, several maimed, and one small weasel wreaking havoc.

    Didn’t take us long to take care of the weasel problem, but it was notable that one weasel terrorized 80 chickens.

    So, here’s the math problem:

    If we could resolve our problem with one weasel within 24-hours, how long should it take 23 chickens to resolve their problem with two weasels?

    When you get the answer, give me a call!”

    Note the reference is to two weasels – not one.

  20. We have two weasels in government right now, one in Woodstock and one in Washington.

    The American people and the voters of McHenry County both allowed themselves to be snookered by snake oil salesmen.

    Mexico will never pay for the “wall” and property taxes in McHenry County will never be cut by 10%.

    What a bunch of fools!

  21. Nope, Allabamie, states Atty determines ‘no threat’, sheriffs Dept determined ‘no threat.’

    So no threat, John Loveass, which by the way is a great name for a Skank Franks’ supporter.

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