Mike Walkup Writes of Jack Franks’ Threat During 2016 County Fair

From a comment made by Mike Walkup under the article, “Northwest Herald Finally Recognizes Jack Franks Lies.”

Mike Walkup

When I was at the County Fair in August of 2016 I was approached by Herb Franks who told me that Jack was hopping mad about this piece, as it had a copy of the list of the people for whom he had requested jobs from Blago on the back.

Mike Walkup compares his credentials and record with that of Democrat Jack Franks on the other side of the palm card.  On the back was what Franks put in a memo to Governor Rod Blagojevich asking for appointments and jobs for his family and friends.

A bit later Jack came over to the GOP booth which I was helping to man at the time with one of the flyers in his hand and told me that now he was going to take the gloves off and would “destroy me”.

The back of Mike Walkup’s leaflet reproduces the content of the memo that Jack Franks sent requesting patronage appointments from Govenror Rod Blagojevich.

Within the hour, a very negative hit piece was seen in the hand of a voter who stopped by the GOP booth, which was being passed out at the Franks booth, so obviously he had those flyers ready to go before even seeing anything from me.

During the campaign his hit pieces against me were very similar to those used in 2018, taking very innocuous normal things and twisting them beyond recognition.

For example, he would have one of his minions, sometimes someone from Chicago, file a campaign finance complaint that was completely spurious and/or technical and then put out something which said I was “under investigation by the State Board of Elections for campaign finance violations”.

Then I would go to the hearing and no one would show up resulting in the complaint being dismissed. This happened several times.

The mailer against Mike Rein was similar.

Mike lived in Woodstock and was very careful to never charge for mileage to the administration building which he could have done. (Members outside of Woodstock routinely collected mileage).

However, he did go to a downstate seminar and charged a small amount of mileage for that.

All of that was then lumped into his health benefits, (which EVERYONE on the Board who was not already covered by another health plan was subscribed to), and he was depicted in a convertible overflowing with cash with the implication that he had collected a large sum of money for mileage.

Local campaigns never used to be like this.

Politics has become a blood sport and Truth is the casualty.

I hope that Joe’s suit can start to move the pendulum back to some semblance of sanity.

But I doubt it.


Mike Walkup Writes of Jack Franks’ Threat During 2016 County Fair — 14 Comments

  1. Now that Mr. Walkup is out of office and out of state I guess he is in a better position to expose the Franks.

    With the assistance of the NWH, the LIAR was successful in convincing the voting majority that a tongue in cheek comment on a blog was a death threat.

    That comment was nothing compared to what the LIAR and local unions have done with their blow up rats and personal threats so significant that people are not willing to make public in fear of additional reprisals.

    Let us hope that what Mr. Tirio and Mr. Prossnitz have done will put an end to the Madiganization of McHenry County. (Not holding my breath).

    The LIAR is IMO also a bully that needs to be exposed.

    Keep in mind Kevin Craver (former employee of NWH) now works for Franks at the County and in addition, one of Franks personal campaign staffers also works at the County for the bully.

  2. What exactly does a commission for wifey and daddy entail?

    Is it a paid deal, non paid, no show, no work?

  3. Thanks for providing your insight, Mike.

    I hope that more people will speak out against these bullies in civil ways that unify the community.

  4. CTD, I doubt that Tirio and his Atty went through 8 months of B.S. ‘just to reveal who was behind the campaign to defame him.’

    As I recall Franks did the same thing from his elected seat in a Lying Press Release about Tirio when Franks had access to the truth but wanted to ignore it and play politics.

    And so did Paula Yensen from her elected seat.

    No thanks go to the NWHerald AND the county board who all allowed it to happen.

    My gut feeling is Tirio may walk gently but … is intent and focused on finishing things.

    With a lot of good people behind him willing to help.

    He hasn’t disappointed yet.

  5. I think Franks’ Christmas Goose is cooked for a number of reasons.

    For those of you who watched something other than Fox News this past month, the TV airwaves were saturated with stories about Trump’s growing problems, most of which centered around campaign disclosure issues and “dark money” laundering practices.

    With the new Democratic controlled Congress, there will be unending investigations and possibly impeachment hearings and even criminal prosecutions going on for all of 2019 and into 2020.

    We will be hearing a drumbeat of how important it is for campaigns to disclose what they are doing and who is doing what behind the scenes, which are the purpose of campaign disclosure laws. To disclose…

    We may see a flurry of states getting into line to enact criminal penalties for serious violations of state campaign disclosure laws to mirror the federal practice.

    People’s attention will be riveted on the issue of dark money influences in elections and secret tamperings by outside sources.

    It is now clear beyond a reasonable doubt that these mailings were done at the behest of , and paid for, by Franks.

    No one else had a motive to target all five of these candidates, especially not two guys from Chicago who had worked closely with Franks.

    The President of Beaker Press had no motive to lie about Franks’ presumed involvement and did not have to volunteer that information at this point, but yet he did so.

    Franks paid a sum of money for poorly specified reasons to the two operatives shortly after the election in an amount that approximates the cost of the mailers that were sent out. (Probably about 3000 each for Board district mailers in 3 districts plus 8000 for a countywide mailer, plus production costs and something for the operatives).

    Franks denied knowing anything about the group when asked about it by the NWH.

    The Democratic Party is going to want to appear to be squeaky clean to take full advantage of the Trump Troubles and will jettison anyone associated with them who is caught doing similar types of things.

    The NWH will also want to show its independence from Franks by remembering what newspapers are supposed to do.

    We are uncharacteristically not hearing any defense from Franks to any of this.

    His silence speaks volumes.

    Maybe at least “Moderate” or “Angel” could make reappearances and explain this for us?

    Tic. Tock…..

  6. To be perfectly “Frank” would anyone feel threatened by Franks ?

    He looks about as tough as a jelly donut !

  7. way back when .In Harvard ..We had Dr Laurie Tabias as superintendent of schools

    she was complaining about lack of funds and a referendum that didn’t pass…so she proceeded to cut back on all extra curricular and sports activities… which we all took to be in retribution for not getting what she wanted…

    Then Enter Bill Clow #11 on the Jack Franks patronage list…

    He is hired for a high paying job as a PR man for Dist 50….

    later on Dr Tabias hires Margaret a $67’000 a year teacher for $87,000..(nice increase)..

    then even a little later..Dr Tabias needed to go to Spain to hire a “Real” Spanish teacher…

    she took her friend Margaret with her..

    The town in Spain just happened to be the same town Dr Laurie’s daughter lives in……….

    always wondered who paid for that trip……….

    we go HUmmmm in Harvard

  8. “Daddy, somebody’s picking on me again!”, wailed the little Jacko.

  9. Steven, we’re not talking a brawl in the alley.

    If that were the case. NO franks is a Puff-a-lump that wouldn’t want to ruin his manicure.

    He’s not in the habit of getting his hands dirty as he gets minions to do his dirty work-Union goons like Ron Eck, or out of work panhandlers or ‘fixers’ to follow his female opponents and claim defaming absurdities while they don disguises.

    He’s a coward.

    He hides behind Daddy’s money

    After all it was Daddy’s cool $Million way back in 92 that paid for his state rep campaign.

    An unprecedented amount back then for a job that paid less than the average salary.

    They were the pioneers of obscene campaigns.

    The threat comes from the money that he can throw around to defame his opponents, their competition, those that dare to tell the truth about their lies and practices.

    If more people like Tirio would just not be intimidated because they have nothing to hide and can prove it, that would take away any power (much of it imagined) that Franks has.

  10. There are a lot of these types running around in political office in McHenry County.

    Many looking like bread sticks in suits , just plain bottleneck weasels.

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