Edgar County Watchdogs Seek $55,000 from Bank Thought to Have Algonquin Township Road District Account

In a document filed with the McHenry County Circuit Court Clerk on December 20, 2018, Nichole Fluhart asked the American Community Bank if it “had any personal property or money belonging to the debtor,” identified as the Algonquin Township Road District.

The response was “No.”

The document, seeking $55,000, was supplied by Supervisor Chuck Lutzow, who, by law, is the Road District’s Treasurer.

The bill started out at $40,000, but has increased $5,000 a month because the Algonquin Township Board refused to pay it before a court order was entered.

The article about the court order is here.


Edgar County Watchdogs Seek $55,000 from Bank Thought to Have Algonquin Township Road District Account — 18 Comments

  1. Are the altruistic dog piles ever going to try and convince us it’s not about the money?

  2. Yes, so far, the Township Board (not the road district) has cost themselves another $15K – which is sure to be the subject of more litigation forcing them to repay the road district for their refusal to pay the lawful bill when it was presented for payment.

    To top that off, they also paid the Township attorney for a frivolous motion to intervene, which was summarily tossed by the Court.

  3. Still nothing from the dogs about there agenda, yet he always talks of the banal issues.

    Follow the money.

    Gasbag seems all to eager to pay them.

    Is this a quid pro quo?

    Just asking.

  4. only the antiAmerican kirk would boast about charging 5,000 per month juice charged to our tax dollars.

    Nothing more than thugs who try to create political gains for one side or another.

    Some are wondering about quid pro quo.


  5. I’ve heard people us this word in reference to this settlement.

    Collusion: NOUN

    secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.

  6. Poo-Corny, you’re the mangy cur dog defending township crooks!

    Please stop. Your immaturity is showing.

    Kirk Allen for Governor!

  7. What crook am I defending?

    You obviously have a hard time with reading comprehension and don’t know me at all or actually read any of my posts.

    “Poo corny” wow that is intelligent discourse.

    Did you just get off the play ground?

  8. “Gasbag” wow that is intelligent discourse.

    Did you just get off the playground?

    Just axing.

  9. Watchdogs and Hanlon are worth their weight in gold in revealing the real crooks taking advantage of the taxpayers for over half a century.

    Anyone who sees THEM as a problem are the real deterrents to justice for the taxpayers.

  10. The crooks are gone, the current hero’s are costing us twice what is estimated the Millers took.

    Everyone at the township is totally inept and we just keep paying the bills while they all play their games.

    Including the ECWD.

    Hamlin just keeps billing while playing Gassers games.

    Watchdogs just keep piling on. Gasser is playing some kind political payback and he is in over his head and now can’t extricate himself from this debacle without looking like an idiot.

    He just keeps dragging us down the rabbit hole.

    What is the end game here.

    Put the Millers in jail?

    At what cost?

    What are they going to prove?

    The previous boards approved everything that the Millers did.

  11. Poo corny didn’t bother me when I was 8, it certainly doesn’t bother me now.

    You are also a coward.

    You won’t even put your name on it, which makes me think you are the big pink idiot.

    Be blessed.

  12. Looks like Lutzow ensured yet another month increase to the settlement!

    Stay tuned for that failure to be exposed.

  13. We challenge people to provide any public record that supports the claim Miller’s spending was approved.

    We have searched and even written about this.

    We could not find records of approval, contrary to the SA claiming it was all approved.

    When questioned, turns out the claimed it was approved based on interviews, not any public record.

  14. Mr. Lutzow represents in his very obese person what’s wrong with Illinois government!

    Get your fat head outa the trough, Lutzow!

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