Anonymous Campaign Pieces against Jack Franks Critics Going Back to 2010 – Part 3

There was a second 2017 hit piece aimed at critics of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

It was directed against District 2 incumbent Republicans Donna Kurtz and Jim Heisler.

Below is most of the article about it:

Covering the area around the old Aldi’s in Crystal Lake (Algonquin Township Precinct 2) were crude leaflets attacking McHenry County Board members Donna Kurtz and Jim Heisler.

Notice the attempt to make people think it comes from conservative Republicans.

The no-way-to-contact committee is called “Drain Swamp – McHenry County.”

Donna Kurtz

Now, if the committee could be contacted, I think I see a copyright violation.

That surely looks like a 2012 photo I took of Donna Kurtz.

What do you think?

These anonymous attackers can keep their identity secret until they spend $5,000, which they never do.

This technique first popped up in 2010 when John O’Neill had the audacity to run as a Republican against State Rep. Jack Franks.

You can read the 2010 negative piece on O’Neil here.

Neither Heisler nor Kurtz ran for re-election.


Anonymous Campaign Pieces against Jack Franks Critics Going Back to 2010 – Part 3 — 8 Comments

  1. Sounds like this is his modus operandi……

    More “Franky Panky ” !

  2. In the original posting of this “Moderate” commented that it was “not anonymous”.

    So does that mean that “Drain The Swamp-McHenry County” filed with the State Board of Elections”?

  3. It certainly qualifies as a normal Chicago Democrat machine slander piece.

    If true, which seems obvious, I believe Franks will become a pariah in McHenry county.

    The county board must step up and rebuke this man.

    All Illinois attorneys can be disciplined and sanctioned by the
    Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

    Perhaps it is time to start a letter writing campaign?

  4. Just to make sure the intimidation of Heisler worked, the union ‘clowns’ were sent out to picket his shoe store.


    Guess who else was there?

    None other than the guy who just ‘stole’ the election from Rein.



    On the morning of Nov. 7 with supposedly 100 % of the precincts reporting, Acosta had 5,340 votes.

    Magically on Nov. 13, this changed to 8,209.

    During the same time period, Rein’s total went from 5,527 to 7,605.

    No wonder Franks, and his two cohorts from Chicago were watching the returns so closely at Offsides.

    Were they determining how many votes they had to manufacture?

  5. **None other than the guy who just ‘stole’ the election from Rein.**

    LOL – no.

    Acosta got the most votes.

    That’s not stealing.

    That’s winning.

  6. I agree out of towner, the election results were outside normal variances.

    This should be investigated, sooner rather than later.

    ‘My personal code of conduct and compliance with a wide range of government ethics provisions have ensured that I have maintained ethical standards’

    Michael Madigan

  7. You have to wonder if the negative and untruthful hit piece on Mike Rein by “Illinois (Lack of) Integrity Franks” had an influence on the Fall election….

  8. Heisler and Kurtz, families known to our community for decades, beyond reproach but besmirched by a crass politician hell bent on the destruction of lives, not caring of the consequences.

    Mr. Franks, where there is smoke, there is fire, you should step down and the sooner the better.

    Your actions have besmirched your families good name.

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